Comparison - Sigma E25 & MAC 217

By Sarah - Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Hey guys, just a short ramble here. It is claimed that the Sigma E25 is a perfect dupe for the MAC 217. Many people have said that for those beauty lovers who really want the MAC 217 (which is the perfect and softest blending brush in my opinion) but can't afford it should buy the Sigma E25.

Well, not really.

Nowwww. I'm not thrashing the Sigma brush here, but this claim (in my opinion) is not exactly 100% accurate. Firstly, the shape of every individual Sigma E25 and MAC 217 is different due to the manufacturing process. Secondly, the bristles just do not feel the same (for me, at least!), despite the bristles of both the Sigma E25 and MAC 217 are made out of natural goat hair.

Here is my photo of both brushes :

Above: MAC 217
Below: Sigma E25 (Excuse it for being dirty!)

YEAH. The shape is different.
The bristles of the Sigma E25 is also slightly longer and less dense than the MAC 217. 
Additionally, the Sigma E25 is slightly shorter in terms of length of the entire brush (16.51cm versus MAC's 17cm) but this doesn't matter in terms of the usage of the brush (just FYI ;)).

The Sigma E25 is still an excellent blending brush as well as for applying (not packing) on colour on the lid. In terms of blending, I do like the MAC 217 more as it is more precise and for Asian ladies like myself, it is great for the crease area which we do not have much of. The Sigma E25 tends to fray out after several washes so blending here isn't as controlled. The MAC 217 is also less scratchy on my eyes. For the price, it is worth it. It retails for USD $12 on the Sigma website as compared to the MAC 217 which retails for USD $24 (twice the price!) on the MAC website

Overall, this is just to let you guys know, that the Sigma E25 and MAC 217 are not exact dupes of each other! But for those who just want a good blending brush and the MAC 217 is out of your budget, go ahead and try the Sigma one. It works fine! 

Have a great makeup day guys!

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