Review! Essence Get Big! Lashes Volume Boost Waterproof Mascara

By Sarah - Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I'm so glad to share this with all of you! I actually found a cheaper alternative to the various excellent Maybelline mascaras (and yes, I am THAT cheap but hey, cheap but still looking fabulous! ;)). I love trying out drugstore mascaras as firstly, I am not made out of money and secondly, for me it's more the merrier. Imagine if my makeup addiction was for high-end goodies. Hello debt and doom.

Anyway, talking about Maybelline mascaras - they are awesome. Holds the curl and does not smudge nor flake on me. Love. But they can be quite expensive when they are not on sale (about SGD $19.90) in Singapore. Off topic for awhile. I was shocked that Maybelline and L'Oreal mascaras were way more expensive in Europe! Especially when L'Oreal is based in Paris, one would think Paris would be the place to purchase L'Oreal makeups like a mad woman. But sadly, no. Prices were about 15 euros and above for one and I was blown away (not in a good way!) and depressed.

Ok back to the topic. Yes, Maybelline, in my opinion, makes the best mascaras in the drugstore. I absolutely love them. I have the Rocket, Falsies, Great Lash and the One by One (which sadly cannot be found in Singapore - but I need more!). I always purchase waterproof formulas - as they hold my curl - and my asian lashes need all the help they can get. One day, I was, once again, stalking the Watson's makeup sections when I stumbled upon the Essence Get Big! Lashes Volume Boost Waterproof Mascara. Packaging wise, it does not appeal to me. But it was on sale and yes, the cheap diva in me could not resist. And BIG! lashes. Who can't resist??

Packaging is this shimmery blue cylindrical tube. Not very classy looking, if you ask me. But all that matters is the formula after all!

The brush was able to get all of my lashes and coat them evenly with mascara. This mascara managed to hold my curl for the whole day and it did not smudge nor flake. Pretty good for the price (which was less than SGD $5 I believe)! It does give me some length and tons of volume - the kind of look that I go for! It is also very black which makes my lashes stand out. Lastly, it does not make your lashes "crunchy" and keeps it kind of soft which I really enjoyed. 

Do go check this mascara out! It's worth it for the price and it is comparable to the Maybelline Rocket and Falsies mascaras in my opinion! If you do, let me know in the comments if you like it! 

Have a great makeup day! XO. 

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