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By Sarah - Sunday, March 09, 2014

"Pour yourself a drink; put on some lipstick and pull yourself together" - Elizabeth Taylor.

Hey guys! Today I decided to write about my little collection of HEMA Moisturising Lipsticks. I stumbled upon these when I was living in the Netherlands a few months back. It was one of those days where I was just wandering around the town center window shopping when the lipstick display of HEMA Beauty caught me eye. The range of types and colours of their lipsticks were phenomenal! There were at least 30 lipsticks on display (no kidding!) and all of the shades had testers (which made it a makeup addict's heaven). Over time, I keep dropping by HEMA and purchased one lipstick at a time. Next thing I know, I own 10.

These lipsticks are SUPER moisturising! I'm not kidding. I use these all the time and it was winter! (And there was NO need for lipbalm. At all. ;)). These lipsticks are pigmented and they do not feather out easily. The fine lines on my lips were not emphasised, neither were the occassional dry patches due to horribly strong winds in Rotterdam. The colour range was fantastic too! I think they had about 35 shades? Correct me if I'm wrong! It ranges from neutral pinks to va-va-voom reds. Finishes of the lipsticks were mostly shimmery but there are some that matte and some that are super glittery. I do love almost all of these lipsticks that I own! However, I do own one (number 21) that has tons of glitter which made it feel slightly gritty on my lips. Other than that, everything is perfect.

Here are some of my favourites:
02 - pinkish neutral matte

04 - warm toned orangey red

My absolute favourite! 13 - deep cool toned shimmery purplish red lipstick

Swatches of the 10 lipsticks I own:
From left to right: 02, 04, 06, 13, 15, 16. 18, 21, 30, 12. 

The best part? They were only 3 Euros each. 3.
Grab them now!!! They can be found in HEMA stores all over the Netherlands and in some countries such as Paris!

Have a great makeup day loves. XO.

Disclaimer: All of these lipsticks were purchased with my own money.

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