Highly Raved Beauty Products | Are They Worth The Hype?

By Sarah - Sunday, May 18, 2014

We all heard great things about these beauty and makeup items. Tons of makeup gurus talk about and use them. Thus, you feel compelled that they are the next best thing and an ultimate necessity. Are they, really? I am sharing this post with you guys so that you can make a wise and informed decision before buying into the hype (unlike me!).

Bioderma Sensibio H2O (aka Crealine H2O Solution Micellaire)
We all know that makeup removal is essential and necessary. But it is also a hassle and a battle, especially with waterproof mascara. This micellar solution is so highly raved that I felt compelled to get it. This is the cheapest in Paris so when I visited for the first time, I grabbed 4 bottles. And then 2 more on my second trip. It retails slightly differently in various pharmacies but I purposefully searched for city pharma (near metro station: Saint-Germain-des-Prés) as it supposedly sells them at a way cheaper rate. This stuff retails for about 16 to 19 Euros for 2 full 500ml bottles! Which makes the price in Singapore (SGD$39.90) bloody inflated. But, oh well. Imports. This stuff works amazing. It removes my waterproof eye makeup really easily with no traces left over whatsoever. I also use this to remove whatever makeup I have on my face and ladies, this removes it all. Thumbs up.

Verdict: Hype Worthy!

Benefit Hoola Bronzer
I first noticed this bronzer as it was always used by the makeup gurus I watch on youtube. Is it that amazing? To find out, I got it. Honestly speaking, this bronzer is alright. It is great for all over bronzing or contouring as it is matte. Colour wise, it is a slightly warm toned brown, without the orange hues which some bronzers have. The powder is really finely milled and this makes application a breeze. Do note that this also means that when you swish your brush into the product, there will be powdery fall out as well. I like using this bronzer. However, is it the best bronzer out there in the market? I am on the fence. There are other bronzers out there that work just as well but at a lower cost.

Verdict: Not really.

Lorac Pro Palette
Ahh the Lorac Pro. Which makeup guru has not talked about this? This is the ultimate palette as it comes with 8 mattes and 8 shimmers. Great texture (creamy and soft) and amazing pigmentation, the shadows in this palette do not disappoint. The variety of shades also provides unlimited ways to unleash your makeup creativity! I adore this and I do not regret buying into the hype of this palette at all. In fact, now thinking about it, this was my first ever higher-end eyeshadow palette! Still lovin' and usin' this till now.

Verdict: Hype worthy!

Urban Decay Primer Potion
The need to prime our eyes before eyeshadows, yes. Every makeup tutorial I watched back in the day involved this eye primer one way or another. So, me being me, I got it. Do I love it? I do. It blends really easy on my eyes and it does prolong the wear of my eyeshadows during the day. It also aids greatly in making the colours of your eyeshadows pop! Making your makeup work harder for you. No point spending all that time making those eyes look pretty and let it go to waste, am I right? This tube may seem small, but trust me this will last you a long time. A little bit goes a really long way. I am still using mine and it had been more than a year. Are they better alternatives? I have tried various, but I will always still gravitate towards this or my MAC paint pots.

Verdict: Hype Worthy! 

Guerlain Météorites
Now, what was all the fuss about these balls? I saw them once and I was utterly baffled. Sparkly balls in a pretty container that costs a bomb. What are they? I went for a Guerlain talk recently at my local Sephora and finally understood what these sparkly balls are. The makeup artist used it as a setting powder! This special formulation product will set your makeup while giving your skin the radiance that everyone is supposedly after. But it costs a bomb. So, I went for a smaller version to give it a shot. Did I get the radiance that everyone was after? Hm. Let's just say, shine a light on my face and I will dazzle. Disco ball dazzle. I am not sure if I used it wrong but I absolutely hated it. It was tiny glitters on my face attained by swirling my brush into sparkly balls. I get that the skills required to make those special balls are really unique, thus the price. But is the price justified? Not for me. Well, looks like I have to search for something else to give me my glow.

Verdict: Not at all.

Make Up For Ever HD Powder
I noticed this powder while watching the behind-the-scenes for some fashion shows. This powder is supposedly used by tons of makeup artists in the world on models as well as on celebrities. Enough said, I got it. This powder is probably the most finely milled setting powder that I own (and I have quite a lot). Super fine and very light. Reminded me of the texture of corn starch flour when I first opened it. Feels really lightweight on the skin and sets my makeup pretty well. Some people claim that this powder results in a white cast in photos. Not for me personally. Took some photos (with and without flash) to see if this claim is true and I did not notice any flashback or my skin looking ashy. However, this powder can result in a white cast if you use too much of it. A little goes a reeeeeeally long way here. Just a slight dip of your brush can cover your face. However, for a typical woman surviving out in the real world, spending so much cold hard cash on a setting powder is not really justified. Others do the job as well.

Verdict: Not really.

Nars Blusher in Orgasm
Ahh, the blush with such an erotic name. Aren't all NARS blushers such an eye catcher. Orgasm is probably the most famous and talked about shade of the range. It is a coral pink blush with gold shimmer. Really gorgeous colour and looks fantastic on almost every skin tone. Pigmentation of the blush isn't superb as I usually have to dip my brush about twice to get the colour to show up on my skin. Texture is slightly on the drier side as well. Lasting powder is pretty good, about 6-7 hours on me. Do I like this blush? I like the colour. The formulation and texture of the blush, not so. I have another blush by Sleek which is a supposed dupe (called Rose Gold) and application and pigmentation beats this hands down.

Verdict: Not really.

Covergirl 3-in-1 Outlast Stay Fabulous Foundation
In the recent months, this foundation has gotten tons of raves in the beauty community. Many claim this is an excellent foundation for oily skin. Thus, I had to try it and after testing it out for a week, I have to say those claims definitely hold water! This foundation lasted pretty long on me with no visible splotchiness or patches at the end of the day. Do note, this is not a mattifying foundation so it does not provide you with a matte finish or help to control the shine. Blends really well and coverage is definitely buildable depending on your needs. With one layer, this foundation is probably a light to medium coverage on me. I usually build it up till about medium to full coverage and it does not look cakey at all!

Verdict: Hype worthy!

Hope this post helped some of you in your makeup decisions! Are you going to jump onto the bandwagon like I did?

Have a great makeup day loves! XO.

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