Top 5 Colourful Eyeshadow Palettes

By Sarah - Sunday, August 17, 2014

Colourful eyeshadows aren't everyone's favourite, but they sure are mine! I have tons of neutral shadows too, but they do not excite me as much. Colourful ones on the other hand, have so much potential and endless possibilities! I get how some of you might be afraid to experiment with colour on your eyes, but please do try! I think you will be pleasantly surprised! ;)

Let's talk about how colours work. The generic rule : to make the colours of your eyes pop, you should use a shadow colour that is opposite your eye colour on the colour wheel. Some colours are general flattering on any eye colour, such as purples and olive green! It really depends on personal experimentation to see which shadows work the best for you!

Ok, back to the title of my post : my top 5 colourful palettes! These are probably the palettes that I reach for the most when I want some colour on them lids!

1. Too Faced Pretty Rebel 

Needless to say, this palette packs a punch when it comes to bolder colours! This palette comes with 10 shades, 4 neutrals and 6 bolds. 2 matte colours - Dainty and Charming (which are great for a brow bone highlight and transition shade respectively). Love Too Faced's formulation for the shadows - soft and pigmented! (These aren't as soft as the Too Faced Return of Sexy). Fall out isn't terrible despite the softer texture of the shadows.  Favourite shade of the lot has to be Girly! 

2. Too Faced A Few Of My Favourite Things 

I know, I've been obsessing over this palette too much but... it deserves all the love! This palette comes with 20 good sized shadows, with a good variety of neutrals and colours. Texture and pigmentation do not disappoint either. Super pigmented and soft. Only shades that do not really show on my lids are Whiskers on Kittens and Moon On Their Wings, but other than these 2, everything else works great. Love the shades Blue Satin Sashes and Soiree! Talk about deep jewel tones that steal your heart!

3. Urban Decay Fun Palette

This palette has amazing packaging! Look at that shimmery teal zip case. It's even called the Fun palette. Come on. This palette comes with 6 shades - all on the bolder shimmery side. No mattes so I would have to bust out another palette to get a complete look! The shadows here are of typical Urban Decay standard - pigmented and long lasting. Texture of the shadows are on the drier side, but I had no trouble building up the colours on my lid. Totally head over heels with the shades Fishnet and Deep End!

4. Sleek Original Palette

This palette is amazeballs when it comes to shimmery colours. 12 shades - 11 shimmers and 1 matte black (which is great for adding depth and bringing the whole colourful eye look together). Pigmentation of Sleek products are always top notch and this palette doesn't fall short. Super pigmentated and easy to blend shadows. These are mineral eyeshadows so there will inevitably be fall out. However, nothing a swipe with a good fan brush can't solve!

5. Coastal Scents Go! Palette in Moscow 

This handy dandy palette comes with 12 shades - you will be spoilt for choice! Shadows are slightly powdery (especially when you dip your brush into the pan!) due to the drier texture of the shadows. Pigmentation is decent, but the colours will definitely pop with the aid of a primer underneath. Bought this palette specifically for that purple shade on the bottom row!

Using colours is a great way to make them eyes pop and it's really the essence of makeup - playing with colours! I hope you enjoyed reading this! What are your favourite colourful eyeshadow palettes? Do share!

Have a great makeup day friends! Xo.

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