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By Sarah - Monday, August 18, 2014

I purchased this rather than the normal powder brush as I prefer brushes with a more tapered end to give me more control on where I want to deposit powder on my face (I do not set my whole face with powder - I like to leave some areas bare as I like the look that it gives!). Also, a bad habit of mine is dunking my powder brush too hard into my powder compact/loose powder in the mornings when I am in rush. Yes, imagine, a mushroom cloud and me sitting there stunned. It always happens! For me, a tapered powder brush just feels less "dangerous" (hope you feelin' me here). This looked possible as a blush brush too. Two purposes, all the better.

I used this a couple of times to set my makeup and I have to say, not bad. It feels very soft on my face (and we all know we love that feeling) and is comparable to my Sigma F30 Powder Brush with synthetic bristles (from the Mr Bunny Essentials Kit). The bristles are also packed at similar density. I alternate between using this, the Sigma F30 and my beloved Sigma F25. This brush, however, is less tapered as compared to Sigma F25.

In comparison with Real Techniques Blush Brush and Sigma Tapered Face Brush

In comparison with Sigma Tapered Kabuki Brush 

I probably would not recommend this for blending out cream products on the skin though, as I feel that the bristles are a tad too long and it isn't dense enough to buff it out flawlessly!

I have also tried to use this brush in applying my blush. This brush is slightly too big for this purpose for me. I only like to apply blush on my cheekbones down from the temple as this form of application is suitable for my face shape and gives the illusion of a slimmer face. With this brush, it was difficult for me to do so (Even if i tried using the tapered end and just tap on my cheekbones as this brush is not tapered to a sharp point). My preference for blush brushes is always my Ecotools Tapered Blush Brush. However, for those of you who love to apply blush on the apple of your cheeks, this brush certainly can be used for that purpose!

This retails for SGD$20 and can be bought via the 13rushes online site (click here).

Hope this review was informative and helped you in some way! Thanks for reading!
This isn't a sponsored review and it's 100% my honest opinion.
Have a great makeup day ahead! Xx.

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