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By Sarah - Thursday, August 14, 2014

When I was in Berlin, I stumbled upon a drugstore and of course, I couldn't resist picking up some lipsticks! There were many brands that I have never heard of - definitely had to try! From the lot, i picked up 2 Rival do Loop lipsticks.

These lipsticks were really affordable, at a price below 3 Euros. Nothing spectacular about the packaging - comes in a black squarish tube with a clear bottom (which enables you to see the shade of the lipstick!). Judging from the packaging itself, the lipstick does look slightly cheap. However, it's the product itself that counts right?

I picked up shades 57 and 46. I would describe 57 to be a warm toned mauvey wine shade and 46 to be a warm toned pinkish peach. These shades also have a glossy finish when applied onto the lips!

The formulation of these lipsticks are pretty creamy (not as creamy as Urban Decay's lipsticks or MAC Mineralise Rich Lipsticks but not dry either) and do not drag on the lips upon application. It did not dry my lips out but it felt like it didn't moisturise them either. The lipsticks apply nicely, smooth and not patchy! Pigmentation wise, I do find that shade 46 was way more pigmented than 57. I guess it depends on each individual lipstick and pigmentation can't be judged as a whole! 46 applied nicely and smooth,  and two layers provided me with the same colour as in the tube. 57 is sheerer, and it took me about 3 layers to get the colour in the tube. These lipsticks lasted about 5 hours of wear on me, braving through my morning coffees and regular water breaks. It pretty much disappeared after my lunch though (which is expected)!

Overall, for the price, I do find these lipsticks to be of decent quality! It works just fine and it doesn't dry out the lips which is a plus. Definitely a brand to check out if you're searching for some "use-and-abuse" lipsticks (where you can just throw them in your bag for emergencies and touch ups!). However, this brand seems slightly elusive and I haven't seen them anywhere else! Do share if you are able to find them / tried them! :)

Rating: 3/5

Have a great makeup day loves! Xo.

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