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By Sarah - Sunday, August 31, 2014

I finally landed my hands on the Zoeva Luxe Complete Set! I'm so excited to try these out as I've had great experiences using my other Zoeva brushes.This set comes with 15 brushes and a really high quality pouch. Brushes are made from both natural and synthetic bristles and they come in the standard sturdy glossy black handles. 

Brushes aside, this pouch is pretty darn worth it. It's made really well and feels sturdy. You can definitely use it to pack your makeup for travels or just an everyday pouch for daily essentials! Ps. this which works amazingly well to store my Olympus camera whenever I bring it out! 

I've kinda separated the brushes in this order (for better viewing):
Face brushes (4)
Eye work brushes (7)
Other brushes (4)

For the face brushes, you get the #101 Luxe Face Definer, #105 Luxe Highlight, #102 Silk Finish and the #126 Luxe Cheek Finish brush. These brushes are amazingly soft and they feel amazing on the skin.  

Next, we have the eye work brushes. These brushes work great for applying and blending eyeshadow as well as any detailed eye makeup work. In this set, you will get the #221 Luxe Soft Crease, #224 Luxe Defined Crease, #227 Soft Definer (which looks like a great MAC 217 dupe!), #228 Crease, #230 Pencil, #231 Petit Crease and #234 Smoky Shader. These brushes can achieve almost any eye look and are a great addition to any makeup brush collection. 

Lastly, we have the remaining four brushes - #315 Fine Liner, #317 Wing Liner, #322 Brow Line (new absolute favourite) and the #142 Concealer Buffer.

I will play with these brushes more and come up with a more in-depth review of each so stay tuned!I was just so excited when I got this set that I had to share it with you guys ASAP! I purchased mine off Luxola (you can check it out here) for SGD$185 (but it is always out of stock, so keep your eyes peeled!). This adds up to about $12.30 per brush which is pretty decent! I highly recommend this set for those of you who are makeup beginners and are unsure of what brushes to get. This set covers almost all the brushes you will need and even a slightly more. It is an investment, but take good care of these brushes and they will last you a long time:).

Rating: 3.5/5

Hope you enjoyed this post! I will post further in-depth reviews on these brushes so do come back once in a while:)

Have a great makeup day ahead my friends!Xo.

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