3 Super Simple Eye Looks You Need In Your Makeup Arsenal

By Sarah - Monday, August 04, 2014

In theory and practice : Eyeshadows are really, easy-peasy.

I'm not kidding. It used to be all a blur for me too, but with practice and finally understanding shadow placement, eyeshadows are the best part of makeup for me! I've thought about it and broken down the most common eye looks for you guys. Hope this helps for those of you struggling with shadows!

Simply put, there are 4 main areas on your entire lid space where shadows can be placed.
1. Brow bone (highlight shade)
2. Crease (transition shade)
3. Lid (lid shade)
4. Outer V (definer shade)

"In A Rush" Neutrals
A super simple and easy look that gives your eyes some depth and definition! Using a shimmery light lid colour will open up the eyes as well and make you look more awake!

1.Transition shade
2. Lid shade

Example: Using the Urban Decay Naked Palette 
1. Buck
2. Half Baked
*I added my usual liner and some lashes! But you get the drill.

Glamourous Neutrals / Divalicious Smokey Eye
This is the classic neutral eye look/smokey eye look that you can achieve with more time on your hands and some makeup brushes! Depending on the choice of shades, almost any look can be achieved!

1. Transition shade
2. Lid shade
3. Outer V shade
4. Brow bone highlight

Using the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette: 
1. Salted Caramel
2. Creme Brulee
3. Haute Chocolate and Triple Fudge
4. White Chocolate

This eyelook is definitely one of my go-to neutrals! I added a little of Champagne Truffle onto my inner corners for an extra pop of brightness to further open up the eyes!

Pop of Colour Neutrals
This is basically the same look as above, but with a pop of colour! Adding hints of colour to your eyelook can change it drastically and make it seem like you put in way more effort! Play it up! Choices are endless as you can always mix and add in different colours - and that is the fun of eyeshadow.

1. Transition shade
2. Lid shade
3. Outer V shade
4. Colourful shade
5. Brow bone highlight

Using the Lorac Pro Palette and Sleek Original Palette: 

1. Taupe (Lorac)
2. Gold (Lorac)
3. Black (Lorac)
4. Emerald Green (Sleek)
5. Cream (Lorac)

Not that hard, right? Similar neutral base as the look above, but by adding the green, it seems like a totally new look!

Hope this helped some of you out there! These images are mine, taken from my instagram (which you can check out here). Thank you so much for reading and if you have any questions, leave me a comment here or on my instagram! I'll try my best to help ;)

Have a great makeup day ahead my friends! Xx.

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