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By Sarah - Saturday, September 20, 2014

I feel that I have to do a disclaimer right at the beginning here : this post is not sponsored by Luxola in anyway. I buy a lot of products from there, as it is the only platform with Sleek, Zoeva and Sigma (or at least that I know of) and shipping comes to your doorstep (always a plus!). What makes me super addicted to the site is their regular sales. These sales make my Luxola purchases SO DARN WORTH IT. I admit, I ain't got a lot of money, but I have horrible self control when it comes to buying makeup. I can't seem to stop myself. With these sales, it acts as a consolation and I get new stuff to play with at a discounted price! Hells yeah. Anyway, I just thought I'll share my Top 3 favourite buys from this site with you guys! This was extremely difficult as I really bought way too many things from there but I finally managed to pick only 3.

Zoeva Luxe Complete Set (SGD $185)
This set will, in fact, complete your makeup life. Really great for beginners as it covers literally every brush you need for basic and even intermediate makeup application. Brushes are soooooo soft (everyday when I use it, I'm still amazed at how soft they are!). Did I also mention that they are white and fluffy? Who can resist. I did a post on the set which you can check out here. Individual reviews on the brushes will up soon, I'm still testing them out to give you guys a informed review. :) You can check the Luxe Complete Set on Luxola here.

Sleek Blush By 3 in Lace (SGD $22)
I'm all about those coral and peachy tones. Being Asian with really warm toned skin, corals and peaches seem to complement me real well. This Sleek blush trio got me covered. Sleek products, as we all know, are really excellent in pigmentation. These blushes do not differ either, so use a light hand! I really love Guipure (which is a close dupe to NARS Orgasm blush. I have both, but I tend to reach for this palette way more!). Sometimes, if I'm feelin' super fancy, I'll layer Guipure over Crochet for a gorgeous peachy glow to my cheeks! Wears real nice and lasts a good while. And It's only $22 for 3 blushes (pans are huge here too and weight 2g in total, you will be using this for a long time!). You can check this out on Luxola here.

Sigma Warm Neutrals Palette (SGD $49.40)
I love me my warm toned shades! This palette has fulfilled my lust for everything warm toned. I can't really ask for more. Shadows here are soft and creamy (comparable to the Lorac Pro) and the pigmentation is excellent. However, since they are so soft, beware of the fall out with the darker glittery shades! Just do your face after and you will be all good. This palette is an excellent palette as it comprises of mattes and shimmers, as well as nice colours for the lid and for adding depth. Too many neutral looks can be created with this palette alone. I like to use this palette along side other palettes too as warm toned transition shades (I love the shade Cinnamon!) are my thang and I can't really live without them. Overall, for the price, I highly recommend this! I did a post on this too, which you can check out here. Also, if you want to check this out on Luxola, click here.

Overall, Luxola is a great online platform to get some brands of cosmetics such as Zoeva and Sigma. Singapore doesn't have tons of brands in our drugstores, and our drugstores ain't really considered cheap. Thus, I buy most of my makeup goodies online, and I believe the most come from Luxola. The perks such as reward points that can be changeable to credits really make me weak as well. For example, every review you do, you get 25 points and you get 100 points for every friend you refer. 250 points gives you $5 worth of credits, 500 points for $20 and 750 points for $50! It's an endless and vicious cycle guys! DON'T SAY I DIDN'T WARN YA. 

If you would like, you can click on this link (here) to create your own Luxola account and you get 35 points immediately for joining! Ain't gonna lie, this will give me points as well but its a win-win situation eh? Remember to sign up with this link before you make a purchase so you can get some extra points!

Hope this post was informative and enjoyable to read! Thank you so much for dropping by!
Have a great makeup day ahead my friends!

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