Top 3 Affordable Face Makeup Brushes

By Sarah - Wednesday, September 10, 2014

We all know that makeup brushes are a crucial investment when it comes to perfecting the cake face. When I first started out, I wasn't ready to splurge on more expensive brands such as Sigma, MAC or Sedona Lace. Here, I have compiled my top 3 affordable face brushes which I love and work great despite their low price tag!

ELF Small Stipple Brush
This little stippling brush is really affordable and has a myriad of uses. I love to use this for cream blushers as it blends it out so easily without going overboard! Simply dip your brush into the cream blush and pat away! This brush works really well to blend undereye concealer as well. The bristles are so soft and of good length, giving you adequate control without tugging or pulling on your delicate skin. Lastly, you can also use this to stipple out your foundation if you have the patience as the brush is small. As the bristles are synthetic, it works amazingly well with cream products. Powder products will work fine as well, no worries about that. I use this for powder highlight or blush sometimes too! Overall, this is USD $3 (about SGD $5 ish) which makes it a 5 star affordable face brush in my opinion! I bought mine off iHerb, but I can no longer find it there anymore! However, I do occasionally see ELF being sold in the atrium of some malls!

Ecotool Tapered Blush Brush
Even though blush brushes are my weak spot, I tend to always come back to this one. This was my first ever blush brush ever! I love it then and I love it now. This blush feels so soft on the face and I feel like it always picks up a good amount of product. I like how it is tapered, resulting in quick and easy blush application all the time! It fits nicely onto my cheekbones and all I do is simply pat pat pat this brush on em' and viola! blush is done. You can use this for contouring as well, since the brush is tapered nicely at the top so it fits snugly under the cheekbones. This retails for USD $6.99 on Iherb (about SGD$8.70) which you can check out here. 

Real Techniques Contour Brush
This is probably my most used brush from the entire Real Techniques line of brushes. In fact, I actually purchased the Core Collection for this brush! This brush works really well in blending out both cream and powder products. I love to use this to blend out my undereye concealer (as an alternative to my usual Sigma F86) as well as to set it with powder. The size of the bristles fit perfectly under the eyes! Of course, this brush scores well in contouring as well. Picks up and deposits product well and blends them easily. I like to use this sometimes for blush as well, when I'm specifically targeting the cheekbones. The whole set retails for USD $18 but you do get 4 brushes (which are useful! Sometimes, some brushes in sets may be redundant, but I feel that the Core Collection's brushes are well thought out!). I purchased mine off IHerb here.

Hope this list helped you in some way and hope you enjoy reading! Thanks for dropping by!

Ps. You can use the code QFR109 for 10% off your first iHerb purchase if you would like! This post is not sponsored by iHerb or any brands mentioned. 

Have a great makeup day ahead!Xx. 

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