September Favourites

By Sarah - Thursday, October 02, 2014

I know I say this for every monthly favourites, but doesn't time just fly by in a snap? I can't believe we're already in October!

September has been... good and bad. Had to deal with skin allergies which resulted in me not being able to eat tons of my favourite foods (not allowed dairy, seafood, nuts, fried stuff etc). Other than that, September was pretty alright. I've been slowly getting into yoga and eating healthy! Been on a green tea kick recently too (as I was afraid coffee would worsen the skin allergies). Anyway, back to the beauty stuff! I've been loving some rediscovered beauties as well as new found loves!

Makeup Store Blush in Sugarpink
Makeup Store blushes have the best texture and formulation in my opinion. The powder is so finely milled and packed densely that every swatch of the product feels smooth, soft and creamy! This colour is a gorgeous shimmery peachy pink with golden micro glitters. I love this shade. Wearing this blush instantly gives my face life and some glow (subtle and not too much!). Wears really well on the cheeks and lasts the whole day while I'm out running errands etc!

Vaseline Body Lotion
My skin has been real dry lately so when I saw this body lotion, I had to pick it up. It states Intensive Rescue and for calming dry and itchy skin (that's me!). This lotion is really moisturising without leaving a sticky film on the skin after you moisturise. Absorbs nicely into the skin and quickly too, which is great as I hate the feeling of a thick and heavy layer of moisturiser! There is a light scent to it, nothing overpowering, and the scent does not linger after moisturising (which I prefer). My skin has definitely become smoother and softer after using this daily, so I will definitely repurchase this after this bottle runs out! 

Teen Actives Skin Clearing Scrub 
I recently discovered this brand when I was browsing Luxola's website and decided to give it a try. This brand is really new, and I couldn't find any reviews on it online. But this was really affordable and I needed a face scrub anyway. This scrub is really gentle on the skin and my skin feels nicely cleansed without feeling dry. The use of natural ingredients are a plus too! I did a full review on this scrub which you can check out here.

Green Tea
Like I mentioned earlier, I've been into green tea recently. Zero calories and aids in metabolism, so why not? I've been chugging down way too many cups of coffee recently, so this change is good. Yes, change is good. 

The Balm Nude Tude Palette
I can't put this palette down. I just can't. I'm not entirely sure why either, since this is a neutral palette and I love me my colours! The shadows are just really nice to apply and blend. Soft, pigmented and the colours are gorgeous. This palette has both mattes and shimmers so you definitely can achieve entire looks just based on this palette alone. I especially adore the plum and bronze shades in here. Definitely a great neutral palette that you should check out! You can read my review and see swatches on this palette here.

MAC Bad Girl Riri 
Not sure if it is the Kylie Jenner phase, but neutral lipsticks are growing on me. This shade is amaaaaaazing. It is a dark rosy-brown matte shade with hints of mauve. It is super gorgeous. It makes my lips look so full and plump. Despite being a matte lipstick, this lipstick is surprisingly moisturising and applies smoothly on the lips. And we can take a few seconds to appreciate the gorgeous white and gold packaging? *Pauses* That's right. Can't put this lipstick down either.

Hopefully September has been great for you! Let's welcome October together! Excited for the new collections that will be launching soon, Yes, hello Urban Decay Vice 3, I'm waiting for you. And maybe the Too Faced Christmas Collection....And the Tarte collection... now, take my money.

Have a great October ahead my lovely people! Xo.

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