Eyeshadow Rave for November | MUA Shade 29

By Sarah - Monday, December 15, 2014

I know it is already mid December but better late than never right! I wanted to share with you a specific eyeshadow shade that I constantly reached for throughout this month!

I do not wear makeup everyday but when I do, I get all excited thinking about what shadow combination can I come up with. Many a times, I do find myself reaching for this single shadow and trying to incorporate it into my eye looks!

It is... MUA shade 29!

Swatch second from the left :)

Ohhhh this shimmery olive golden green shade. This shade is pretty similar to that of MAC's Sumptuous Olive but a tad less golden.  *Drools* I love greens and sometimes it can be quite difficult to incorporate greens into an eyeshadow look while attempting to keep it neutral (or at least not over the top). This shade is perfect for that. As it combines golds and greens, this shade is not the inyoface nor it is bright or gawdy. It is a versatile and muted green to give them lids some colour and dimension! This single shadow was 1 POUND and quality is truly mind-blowing.

Here is a favourite look of mine using this shadow on the inner half of the lid! Perfect for fall, eh?

I did a full review on my MUA single shadows which you can check out here.

I know this post is super short, but just wanted to share an eyeshadow shade that I've been loving so much the past month! Hope you all have a great day ahead!XO.

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