Review & Swatch | Menow Generation II Lip Gloss in #18

By Sarah - Monday, March 16, 2015

Liquid lipsticks are all the rage now and there are so many options available! From Anastasia Beverly Hills to Jeffree Star, oh the options. Anyway, I've heard about these lipglosses (they are actually matte lip creams in terms of texture and finish) a while back but only took the plunge recently.

These are the Me Now Generation II Long Lasting Lipglosses.

I got mine in the shade #18 as I've read online that it is a supposed dupe for Limecrime's Cashmere. Especially with all the controversy surrounding Limecrime now, dupes are definitely welcomed.

These come in a tube (shaped like a test tube) with a typical doe foot applicatore like any other lipgloss. I do find that the doe foot applicator is a tad too long for my liking as it provides lesser control when it comes to application.

These lipglosses set really fast. No kidding. And it sets to a perfectly matte finish. So, you gotta work fast and immediately remove any stains or mishaps on your face as when this sets, it doesn't budge at all. Application was easy as it comes with a doe foot applicator like other lip creams/glosses. I tend to hold my applicator slightly lower (rather than on the black plastic cap itself) in order to provide me with more control over application of the product.

After using this a few times now, I do find that the best way is to apply it to your top lip and let it set for a few seconds or so before applying more product onto the bottom lip. If not, you can apply to both the upper and lower lips at the same time but make sure that you don't shut em right after you apply! This is because when this lipgloss sets, it becomes pretty tacky. I find that closing my lips together right after application makes the separation soooo much more difficult.

If you are one that hates tacky/sticky feeling on your lips, then I suggest that you pass on this. This lipgloss does leave a significantly tacky feel to my lips after application (& the few hours after) but it doesn't really bother me as much. You definitely will feel some "resistance" when you open and shut your mouth. But these aren't like the MAC lipglasses which acts like a magnet to stray hairs (which is great for me personally. Nothing I dislike more than separating my stray hairs from my lipgloss really.)

These aren't drying on the lips but they do not add any moisturising effects either. However, I do find that there is some flaking of product (which you can slightly see in the lipswatch above) after some time. But nothing too major. This lipgloss does last for a good period of time, even the whole day unless you  eat something oily or add lipbalm (with oil components) on top.

Lastly, I use my Bioderma Miscellar Solution to remove this at night and it works fine. I have a rub a little though. Other people suggested using olive oil and that definitely works too. Another way is use apply a layer of lipbalm that has high amounts of oil components in it (I use my Himalaya Lip Balm) over the top and wipe away with a tissue after a few minutes!

Now the price. These retail for about USD$1.30-2.70 on Ebay (price varies for different shades, I have no idea why). I got mine off here (but there are many other retailers out there too).  After I got this and played around with it for a few days, I immediately went and got more. I'll definitely do more swatches when I can!

Rating: 4/5

I definitely suggest trying this out if you're into matte lip cream products and searching for something affordable!

Here are some swatches (image taken off google):

Hope this review helped you in some way and thank you for dropping by! I will constantly update this page when I get down to do more lip swatches of the other Menow lipglosses that I recently purchased!

Have a great day ahead!XO.

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