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By Sarah - Saturday, May 09, 2015

Hi guys! It's been a while since I've updated here - due to school and all, but I'm finally an unoffical graduate and have some free time on my hands now to starting typing all over again!

Yesterday, I attended the Alcina x Luxola Beauty Cafe event to preview the skincare and makeup products before its launch onto luxola.com on the 11th May!

Alcina is a German dermatological cosmetics and makeup brand, with their main focus on bringing caring cosmetics to all ages. It was founded by dermatologist Dr Kurt Wolff, ALCINA cosmetics taps into Wolff’s extensive knowledge in dermatology to produce ‘caring makeup’, a term coined to refer to makeup that not only enhances your appearance but also boosts your skin’s well-being.The makeup artist from Germany flew all the way down to Singapore for this and she was thoroughly informative! We got to understand the purposes of each skin care product as well as to test them out ourselves. Let me just say, their skincare range smells incredible (especially their cleansing mousse). They have different skin care lines for the varying skin care needs, and I love that they took into consideration skincare needs for Asians as our skin and its environmental contexts differs significantly to that in Europe!

They are famously known for their Nourishing Capsules, known for reviving the driest of skin!

Made with natural ceramides, VItamin A & E and Jojoba Oil!
They also have a makeup line which makes me super excited! Just look at this, it's a decent selection range.

Had the opportunity to swatch and experiment with these babies and I've gotta say, the powder products are really amazing. The powder is so finely milled and feels soft and velvety upon swatching. The blushes and bronzer made me drool. Pigmentation is lovely as well, one swatch gave the intensity as it was in the pan. Blendabilty was very decent as well. 

Gorgeous Bronzer! Love the design too.
They also have sheer and full coverage foundations, eyeshadows and sheer and full intensity lipsticks. I'm not sure of the prices of these products as it was not revealed to us then. I'll definitely keep you informed once Luxola launches them! 

Overall, it was a really informative afternoon with lovely company and awesome food! I could not stop putting fries into my mouth. Not the mention the fresh orange juice! 


Thanks so much Luxola for the kind invite! Can't wait till Alcina launches next week - perhaps I'll get that lipstick in "teak" (gorgeous brownish brick neutral shade)! 

Hope you enjoyed reading and thanks for dropping by! 

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