Simply Aesthetics Opening at Capitol Piazza and My First Ever LED Teeth Whitening Experience

By Sarah - Thursday, June 04, 2015

Recently I was invited to the soft opening of Simply Aesthetics at Capital Piazza. Simply Aesthetics is a medspa which incorporates the latest non-invasive aesthetic technologies and treatments to provide quick and effective results!

Image credit to Simply Aesthetics Website
There are a pretty large range of treatments provided, such as LED Teeth Whitening, Super Hair Removal, Fat Freezing, 3D Face Lifts, Acoustic Soundwave (for cellulite), Scar Reduction and various facial treatments. For more information regarding the various treatments, you can click here!

Located at Capitol Piazza which is about a 5 mins walk from City Hall Mrt station, it is located in a central and convenient area. I love the simple, clean and sleek design of the space and the treatment rooms which were pretty spacious (great for claustrophobic customers like myself!). 

A glimpse of the interior!
(image credit to the event photographer)
Simply Aesthetics is the very first spa in Singapore to use hydro-massage beds for treatments, providing utmost relaxation and indulgence. P.S. The hydro section changes colour! Super comfortable and relaxing (as it is slightly warmed up too!).

During the event, we got the pleasure to see a demo on their Glow Zone Laser Facial. The entire procedure took less than 25 minutes and I was actually surprised to see results. The specialist did half of the model's face first to show us the difference and it was pretty obvious. No kid. The side that received the treatment was fairer and tighter. How it works - I have absolutely no idea. I admit I was pretty skeptical, but those intensively blinding laser lights really produced visible results and blew my mind.

A snapshot of the Glow Zone facial in process! 
I also got the wonderful opportunity to have my first ever LED Teeth whitening experience! I was super excited as the days of binging on coffee and caffeine really did take a toll on my teeth. I wanna see them shine!

I've tried those teeth whitening home kits before and the results were not really obvious so I was hopeful for this treatment in hopes of getting them teeth back to a decent shade of white. 

As in the cover photo, I got to lay on the hydro-massage bed (in my snazzy towel robe). That bed. YASSS. It is slightly warm and the translucent areas (in the middle) are actually filled with water (aka the best invention). The experience of the bed was enough for me but of course, we carried on with the treatment. 

The LED Teeth Whitening is a non-invasive and it involves the usage of a blue laser teeth whitening technology along with the application of a non-peroxide teeth whitening gel. The laser light is meant to activate the teeth whitening gel which in turns whitens the teeth and remove the stains/discolorations. 

1. They fit in the mouth trays containing the teeth whitening gel.

How glamorous. 

2. Got to wear these glasses to protect the eyes from the light. 

This LED Teeth Whitening treatment lasted for 20 minutes. There was no pain nor heat at all which was good. It was ultimately enjoying the bed and the aircon while you lay still there for 20 minutes.
I got too excited, and totally forgot to take a before and after shot and I'm really sorry! I have to say though, the differences were not too obvious for me. I'd say it probably got about 1-2 shades lighter. Then again, my yellowed teeth are stubborn and I was pretty sure that non-peroxide gels did not stand a chance. Thus, for this difference of 1-2 shades lighter, I am pretty pleased. 

Due to their opening, Simply Aesthetics is currently having a promotion where you can try out the LED Teeth Whitening Treatment at $180 (instead of the usual $388), which you can check out here. There are other promotions such as Fat Freezing for $88 as well so definitely do check out the link if you're intrigued!

Overall, this experience was lovely and I really enjoyed the facilities as well as the service. Do give it a try if you're on the hunt for a convenient and luxurious spa facility with pretty affordable non-invasive treatments! 

Simple Aesthetics is located at 13 Stamford Road #B1-28, Capitol Piazza.  

Thank you Simple Aesthetics and The Influencer Network for having me! 

Thank you for reading and for dropping by as always! XO. 

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