Day 2 in Tokyo | Shibuya!

By Sarah - Friday, July 17, 2015

Day 2 in Japan! We took a bus from Fujisan to Shinjuku (it took about 2 hours due to heavy traffic) but the bus was really comfortable with tons of leg room so I had no complaints. 

First thing we did was to head to Bic Camera to get the 3 day Subway and Metro pass for 1500 Yen (valid for tourists only, I believe). This is a really good deal as travelling ain't exactly cheap in Tokyo! 

Then we head to the Shibuya area to check out the famous Shibuya crossing and Hachikō dog statue

I heard that is the most expensive Starbucks rental in the world, but I'm not sure! We didn't get a chance to go in there to see the crossing from above (which I regret!). 

There was soooo many people and since you can cross in almost any direction, it was intensely chaotic. 

We decided to head to the Shibuya 109 shopping complex, which is an entire mall dedicated to female fashion and beauty. However, going to Bangkok has spoiled me and the prices aren't the cheapest in Tokyo, so we left empty handed. 

Headed out to find some food!! I love ramen and I had to have it in Japan.No trip to Japan would be complete without ramen, if you ask me. 

Order vending machine!

In Tokyo, many shops have these order vending machines right outside the store, so you simply make your order outside rather than pondering over the menu while seated in the food outlet, which is really efficient, if you ask me! Besides, ordering ramen from a vending machine was pretty cool too, I gotta say. 

My friend got Tonkatsu Ramen! Look at that broth. 
I got Hot Miso Tonkatsu Ramen! Yes come to mama.
The ramen was soooo good. Legit. The broth was probably the best I've had so far. Also, we noticed that customers could ask for more ramen noodles once they are done with theirs to go with the remaining oh-so-delicious broth. The dude beside us had 2 more bowls of ramen noodles - respect

Of course, that ain't enough. We had to get us some cheesecake and we stumbled upon this huge Pablo Cheesecake store whilst exploring the smaller streets. YES PLEASE. Look at that image plastered on the right - I didn't even blink before purchasing the whole cake for the 2 of us. I found it hilarious that the kind lady at the cashier gave us 5 forks along with the cake. Yeah, it's just the 2 of us, but no shame. 

Best cheesecake yet! It's gooey in the middle *cringes with delight*.

Look at all the lighted signboards! 
Not to forget these toy machines! I used to play these when I was younger. My friend did one and she got a toy scrimp hahaha.

Overall, not too bad a day for exploring Tokyo! I love how Japanese people are so happy and polite all the time. The food is amazing and ain't that expensive at all. My bowl of ramen cost me about 750 Yen which converts to about about SGD$8.50!

We explored the Imperial gardens, the Nakamise Market and Senso-ji temple the next day and I'll post more deets about our adventures then! 

Hope you liked reading a little about my trip to Japan and hope it helps  you in some way if you're planning a trip there yourself! Thanks for reading and dropping by like always! Update soon!XO. 

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