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By Sarah - Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Hi everyone!

Recently, as part of the Singapore Blog Awards 2015, I was passed a loan set of the Panasonic Face Steamer to test out. I have always heard about facial steaming before, but never really got down to understand what benefits it reaps as well as trying it for myself.

Hence, this was the perfect opportunity for me to do some research.

Namely, facial steaming has a few said skin benefits, such as clearing up the skin for individuals who are acne-proned. This is said to be due to the softening of dead skin cells on the skin surface by the moisture and warmth from the steamer. This then frees any dead cells, bacteria and dirt trapped beneath the skin (and that causes breakouts). Facial steaming is also known for aiding in skin care product absorption by the skin.

Of course, clearing of dead skin cells for regeneration of new skin is essential to any skin care routine so I'm excited about trying this out. All the benefits from this simple step sounds pretty impressive to me, but as per usual, I'm intrigued but still pretty sceptical.

Now let's dive into the Panasonic Face Steamer and my thoughts!

Firstly, the small and compact size of the facial steamer surprised me (in a good way) when I received it as it was much smaller than others I've seen so far. This takes up little space and it is not too inconvenient to bring around.

Next, the design of the device is sleek, modern and pleasing to the eye as well.

To use, simply add some water into the water tank at the back (full tank enables 6 minutes of steaming, half tank enables 3 minutes), attach it into the device and switch it on. It takes about 10-15 seconds or so for the steam to start coming out from the nozzle (which is pretty quick!). I enjoy how the steam is released by the device, not too focused nor too strong.

Hold your face about 20cm from the device to prevent any scalding!

During the OMY beauty workshop, I learnt to attach a cotton pad that has a few drops of essential oil at the tip of the nozzle using tape in order to release the scent and provide extra relaxation. A pretty nifty trick to take note of as it is not advisable to pour essential oils into the nozzle or add it to the water tank.

Overall, I cannot confidently state that facial steaming does reap the benefits stated above. Then again, I only used it for a short period of about 2 weeks so it is difficult to judge. I did notice that my skin care products did absorb much quicker than normal though!

The product does start up really quickly which is a plus as ain't nobody got a lot of time to wait for their facial steamer to start working. Also, as stated before, I do like how the steam is being released from the nozzle, as it isn't too harsh and focused.

It is terribly hot in Singapore these days and being a sad soul with no air conditioning, steaming my face could be a little uncomfortable due to added warmth and moisture. Thus, I do not see myself doing this on a constant basis. However, I'm sure that this would not be a problem if you have air conditioning!

Using this device was definitely an interesting experience and as a first timer to facial steaming, this product was very simple to operate and use.

Rating: 3/5

Hope this review was helpful to you in some way and thank you for dropping by!XO.

Disclaimer:  This product was loaned to me but it did not affect my review nor thoughts. Keeping it real, my friends. 

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