My First Experience at New York Skin Solutions

By Sarah - Wednesday, November 04, 2015

When I flew off to Europe 2-3 months back, my skin started getting bumps and uneven texture and of course, it became pretty bad acne by the time I flew back. Distressed, I tried various face masks and scrubs to get rid of the dead skin in hopes of unclogging my pores (which made everything worse!). Yes, please do not scrub your face when you have acne, I know that now.

So when I had the opportunity to get a skin analysis and a trial treatment from New York Skin Solutions a few week back, I immediately jumped on the bandwagon.

Firstly, New York Skin Solutions was established in 2004. It is named as so due to their products being formulated and made in New York. These products used are 100% plant based, made from botanical extracts and formulated for Asian skin.

First up was a one-on-one consultation with my professional therapist, Chris! We discussed my lifestyle and daily skincare routines to get down to the root cause of my acne problem. After, I had an in-depth skin analysis where Chris used a machine to scan deeply into my skin to understand my skin type and to pick up my skin imperfections in microscopic detail. Warning though, the sight was not pleasant at all. I even winced when the microscopic image of my pimple appeared on the screen. That was nasty. Brace yourself.

Gah that pimple tho.

Apparently we should compare the skin of our face to that of our arms, as the levels of collagen present in the skin of the latter is usually the highest!

Here, Chris is explaining about sebum production and how pimples form! 

After, I had a personalised treatment which was tailored for my acne. This included the cleansing of face, extraction, a collagen mask (as my collagen levels were on the down low), followed by a sebum controlling mask (as my excessive sebum production was contributing to the clogged pores and acne!) and finished off with a shoulder massage.

Chris was extremely gentle, which is a plus in my books. I usually judge based on how the therapist removes my makeup (which ain't no easy feat!) and whether there is any tugging or pulling on my eye area. I have had previous experiences where therapists really tugged on my skin, causing me to feel really uncomfortable and of course, not to mention to suffer from premature aging. 

Here I was looking at the results after!
 Overall, the whole experience was really good and the results were pretty noticeable after just one treatment. I did feel like the small bumps around my cheeks and jaw line was significantly reduced and my skin felt much smoother and a tad tighter. Also, I really liked the in-depth skin analysis as it got to the root cause of my skin issues and the microscopic analysis of the skin is not something that we can easily obtain on a daily basis. I also benefited from how Chris was able to clearly explain the reasons for my skin problems and the ways to tackle it.

The before (above) and after (below) microscopic images of my skin!

I have 9 more sessions to go and I will definitely update about the whole process here. Pretty excited to see how the whole process would go!

For those of you interested to give it a shot, I've got you covered. Use this link here to redeem a complimentary signature facial therapy from NYSS! This is only applicable for first-time customers!

For the various outlets available, click here! 

For more information about New York Skin Solutions:

Thank you so much for dropping by and hope you enjoyed reading!XO.

Disclaimer:  This session with NYSS was sponsored. Thoughts and opinions expressed above are strictly my own.  Keeping it real, my friends. 

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