My Final Thoughts on Yun Nam Hair Care Services

By Sarah - Thursday, December 31, 2015

If you read my previous post, you would know that I had the pleasure to try out hair care services at Yun Nam! I started my Yun Nam journey probably about 3 months back and I have undergone a good 6 treatments so far.

Bascially, my scalp was in need of serious cleansing as it was pretty clogged up due to oil spots and let me admit it, build up from inadequate maintenance. Side note, did you know that you should get rid of all the hairs and sanitise your hair brush at least once a month? Me neither! Then again, I do not own one. 

After my personalised consultation and scalp analysis with Michelle, it was her professional opinion for me to undergo some sessions of scalp cleansing treatments first to get rid of the oil clots and clogged hair follicles. My first three treatments involved a deep cleaning of the scalp to get rid of the gunk. Every session, they would apply this concoction of herbs to aid in the removal of build up and oil clots. After about 20-30 minutes or so, they would wash it all off and spritz the scalp with their ginseng tonic to aid in improving scalp health. I gotta say, after each session, I felt so clean (like I've never felt before).

After my scalp was in good condition, Michelle decided to move onto hair regrowth treatments as sadly, I do have some problem areas where hair is thinning, especially the area where my hair parts naturally. (And I am only 23! Not proud.)

These treatments are slightly different from before. First, I would get a good hair wash to prep the scalp for the herbal treatment (instead of at the end like before). Next, Michelle would apply a herbal mixture onto the scalp, focusing on the roots and my problem areas. This herbal mixture features Yun Nam's special concoction of main ingredients He Shou Wu (encourages healthy hair growth and helps to prevent hair problems) and Ginseng (helps to prevent hair damage, restore luscious locks and revitalise hair growth).

Then we have to give it about 20-30 minutes to work its magic. This mixture does give a slight tingling and heating sensation on the scalp after 5 minutes or so. It is not overpowering nor painful, but you definitely feel something happening on your scalp. (It reminds me of the sensation felt after applying those body creams for muscle aches! Like yoko-yoko. You feel me?) Now, I'm not entirely sure if I have a sensitive scalp but this makes it feel like it is working. Slight warmth is added to stimulate the absorption of the products as a steamer will be placed over your head. The steam isn't too strong or hot, and just comfortable for my taste.

The last step would be to wash the mixture off and blow dry the hair! Nothing beats a good blow out.

I have to say, the herbal scent does linger slightly after the whole treatment so do take note if you're particularly sensitive. However, it is not distracting nor overpowering so do not worry!

From my first treatment, I was provided with a set of products from Yun Nam and they include - Herbalogy Ginseng Shampoo, Apple Conditioner, Hair Nutritional Lotion, Hair Cleansing Lotion, Hair Renewal Lotion, Herbal Hair Tonic and Protein Essence- these would supplement my ongoing scalp treatments. Overall, I do enjoy the products as it does seem to aid in the process of the improvement of my scalp health. It is definitely useful as my busy schedule results in me not being able to attend as many session as I would like in a given period of time. Thus, these products make me feel like the results are ongoing and helps in the maintenance. Let me share with you some notable ones.

The scent of the Shampoo is herbal (well, yeah it says Ginseng Shampoo) and it does smell exactly like it. It does not lather much though, and that was one reason why I alternate my shampoos as ain't nobody got time to lather up when I am rushing from a gym sess to work. Regardless, I do like it as it makes my scalp feel clean after as the build up seems to be easily removed. Do note that a conditioner is definitely necessary as the hair strands tend to cling together due to its cleansing properties, but that ain't no biggie. It happens to me whenever I use a clarifying shampoo. The apple conditioner works just fine for that purpose as it detangles my hair after shampooing and leaves a really refreshing scent!

The Hair Nutritional Lotion is meant to spray onto the scalp after showering. This spray is meant to promote the health of the scalp and to nourish it, as it is formulated with traditional herbs and fortified with nutrients. They use this during the treatments as well so it definitely helps in maintenance despite not going for the regular treatments.

Another favourite of mine has to be the Protein Essence, which is meant to repair damaged hair and replenish moisture. I usually spray this onto the hair strands after showering or in the morning before I head off to work. The scent is slightly fruity (apple, I believe) and I really like how it leaves my hair shinier and nicer smelling *wink*.

Overall, I have been enjoying my 6 treatments with Yun Nam Hair Care and I will definitely update here again when I have completed my full 10 sessions (including the scalp analysis). In terms of results, I have to say that it has definitely helped in making my scalp less itchy. I have also noticed that my tresses have been less greasy and more "perky" as there ain't nothing holding them down now! With regards to the hair regrowth treatments, it is still a little early to say as I have only been to 3 treatments and my problem area mostly is the hair parting (which makes it difficult to clearly pin point increased hair growth as well). I'll finish up my 10 sessions and will update here after.

Hope this helped you in some way, especially if you were contemplating if a professional hair treatment would be suitable for you. The specialists here are able to pin point your hair and scalp problem through their consultation and microscopic scalp analysis so I feel that it is definitely worth a shot. Sometimes, it is difficult for us to personally speculate what is the root cause of our scalp issues.

To get a complimentary festive quick fix package (which includes a complimentary scalp scan, 1 herbal hair and scalp treatment and a set of hair care products), click here!

Thanks for dropping by! XO.

Disclaimer: My sessions with New York Skin Solutions were sponsored in exchange for a review. Opinions and thoughts expressed above are strictly my own. Keepin' it real. 

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