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By Sarah - Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Recently, I was introduced to Clarins and their Body Shaping Cream. I've never been religious with my body care, which is pretty ironic, considering the amount of time and care I spend on my face. Of course, a body shaping cream, I was definitely intrigued. This body of mine needs some shaping, if you know what I mean. 

Image from the Clarins SG website

The Clarins Body Shaping Cream is designed and formulated to reduce excess stubborn fat. It incorporates the use of an active ingredient, poppy extract, which is capable of helping to limit the storage of and stimulating the release of stubborn fat.

Image from the Clarins SG website

Made from plant extracts as per usual, its scent is light, floral and fresh. I absolutely love the scent!

It contains menthol and feels great on the skin after application due to its cooling sensation! Definitely a plus for the hot and humid weather here in Singapore.

Packaging wise, it comes in a good sized tub. I always prefer pumps as it is more hygienic and less messy, but after looking at its texture, I understand why a tub was much more suitable.

This cream is smooth and creamy, with its consistency leaning on the denser side (think of a souffle like texture!). Despite this, this cream was very easy to apply and spread onto the skin, with absolutely no need to tug on the skin during application!

It absorbs pretty quickly (in about 2-3 minutes) but not immediately, which gives ample time for a proper massage routine to ensure the full benefits. After being fully absorbed,  it leaves no stickiness or residue behind which is a huge plus point for me. I absolutely cannot take body creams or lotions that leave behind a tacky residue as it is terribly uncomfortable! This is especially so if there is no air-condition. Despite its thick and creamy texture, it gets completely absorbed by the skin and hydrates really well. My skin feels velvety smooth after! I also noticed that my dry patches on my elbow and thighs were completely gone after using this cream for a night. Very impressed by its hydrating qualities!

Overall, I do notice slight firming of my skin but nothing drastic. Then again, I often forget to use it after showering (or too lazy as the call of the bed is too strong to resist). Despite my fickle usage, I can definitely see that my skin is smoother, more hydrated and slightly firmer. Discipline is necessary for this product, so I am sure that better results would be observed if you use this religiously everyday, day and night.

This retails for SGD$88 for a 200ml tub at local Clarins counters or Sephora.

Thanks for dropping by and hopefully this review was useful for you! XO.

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