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By Sarah - Monday, February 01, 2016

I cannot believe that it is February already. How did the time past so quickly? In a mad rush to get ready for Chinese New Year, I dropped by The Scene @ Raffles City last week to revive my hair!

I've never been one to try out different hair styles so I decided to just dye it as my previous colour has been fading and dark roots aren't the best to look at. Now, I've always dyed my own hair using those DIY box dyes by L'Oreal as it is just more convenient for me. However, I can never get it to the red that I wanted - think dark and vibrant red. Think Jaclyn Hill. Guilty as charged. That woman influences EVERYBODY. 

The Scene @ Raffles City is a newly introduced Korean Hair Salon and is conveniently located in Raffles City shopping mall so it is easily accessible, especially if you're working in the area. The hair stylists here, Roy and Jade, have previous experiences working and training in Seoul and have exceptional accreditations. To see their portfolios, you can check out The Scene's website. 

Here I was before! Old hair and all excited. See them black roots? Nuh -uh, they gotta go. 
I had the privilege of having Roy as my hair stylist and Yen as his assistant. I simply chose a colour that I wanted and he went straight to it! They have an extensive range of colours to choose from, so ain't nobody gonna be disappointed. Gotta be honest, having two people work on my hair at once is definitely a first! I was feeling pretty fancy.

To prevent any staining or accidental mishaps, they attached this transparent visor-like sheet to my forehead! I thought that was pretty cool. 

Since there was two of them working on the hair, my entire head was covered in a about 10-15 minutes. That is record speed for me - considering how much hair I have! After that, I just sat there and chilled for a good 30 minutes or so (attempted to mark some of my students' scripts too). 

After washing off the colour, I had the Deesse's 4 Step Treatment. The first step involved the adding of moisture and heat (via steaming) to prep the hair cuticles for absorption of the following treatments. Next, they added protein to the hair strands to straighten em' (as we all know hair colour can be pretty damaging!). The final steps involved the application of oil and washing it off and topping the whole process with a hair mask. I totally forgot to take pictures of the process (oh dear)! 

All done! You can't see much of the red here but scroll down for pictures in natural sunlight! 
After the treatment and all the washing, Yen helped me to blow dry and viola, done. The entire process took about 3 hours! It did not feel that long though, as the atmosphere was really friendly and comfortable.

Despite colouring, my hair still feels soft and smooth so I'm definitely satisfied! I really do like how it looks under natural day light as well!

Disclaimer: I'm not this orange in real life. No one is. Thanks a lot Olympus.
Left: With Yen
Right: With Jack

Here are some more pictures of the hair colour taken in my room using natural sunlight! Definitely a better gauge of colour and intensity. All I gotta do now is wash my hair using cold water to preserve the colour. Red is a tough colour to maintain and boy, Imma try. 

No fading after a few washes too!
For more information on the various hair services from The Scene @ Raffles City, check out their Facebook.

From 11th to 29th Feb, simple flash an E-voucher found on The Scene@Raffles City (found here) and enjoy $30 off any service with a minimum spending of $100.

Or if you wanna do your hair only in March, simply quote my name and get 10% off! This is valid only from 1st March and for the first 30 customers. ;)

Lastly, thank you so much to Jack, Roy and Yen for this lovely hair makeover and the wonderful experience!

Till then everyone! Xo.

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