Review | Msh-Labo Love Liner Extra Smooth Pencil in Rich Black

By Sarah - Saturday, February 20, 2016

So pencil liners are not the best for hooded lids or asian lids in general as it tends to transfer or smudge. Trust me, I learn that the hard way with Urban Decay's 24/7 Liner in Zero. Thus, I have never reached for a pencil liner since then, unless if I am smudging it and using it as a base for eyeshadow.

When I received Msh-Labo Love Liner Extra Smooth Pencil, I was not expecting much as most black liners are either not pigmented enough or they do not last on my lids. Glad to report though, I am pleasantly surprised and pleased with its performance.

Firstly, in terms of packaging, this liner is sleek and thin and it has a built in sharpened in the cap. This makes the tip sharp everytime and it eliminates the hassle of getting a normal sharpener (and breaking the tip while sharpening, we all know the pain). This, I approve.

The pigment of this pencil liner is pretty impressive. I do get a nice deep matte black finish with this and it shows up on my tightline and waterline. Now, that is the ultimate test. Many black pencils fail me when it comes to tightlining as the pigment refuse to transfer onto my skin and I would just usually end up with red eyes and tons of tears. This pencil made this step really easy for me and I found myself tightlining a lot more recently. Tightlining really adds definition to the eyes without the need for eyeliner and that makes it great for me as I have not done my winged liner ever since I got my eyelash extensions (and that was about 3 weeks ago). Thus, this pencil is a lifesaver currently.

Now, this pencil liner sets pretty fast and once it does, it does. not. budge. Unless you take a hot shower or if you constantly rub those eyes, I'd say this would pretty much stay perfect and intact.  It is said to be waterproof as well - to add to my point. I'm impressed with its lasting power as pencil liners tend to slip and smudge really easily. This leads me to the point that if you plan to use this pencil as a base for eyeshadow, you gotta work fast. Work a little bit at a time and smudge it quickly as like I mentioned, it sets real quick. I do suggest getting a creamier kohl for this very purpose though. This liner works better for real lining work and details.

I do like how smoothly this pencil glides onto the skin. The lead is very soft (but not crumbly) and deposits colour easily. I tried it on my lids and very little tugging of the skin was involved. Great for us, ahem, aging ladies if you know what I mean. That eyelid has not been as taut as it used to be. 

The formulation is said to contain beauty essence (Ceramid, Panthenol, Chamomile extracts and Silk Powder) which results in it being moisturising upon contact with the skin. I can't preach about this as I do not feel any difference. But I guess having one that doesn't dry out the skin is nice.

Additional note that I've discovered, this is made in Germany. I mean, I like that. It is good to be careful with products meant for the eyes as the eyes are sensitive and precious. Europe tends to have stricter regulation codes for beauty products so I am glad that this is made there and not *ahem* somewhere else if you know what I mean.

Overall, I do like this Loveliner Extra Smooth Pencil. It is great for beginners as it is easy to work with and it works wonderfully for those of us having problems with lining our tightlines and waterlines.

Also available in the shade brown (for a more natural look!).

This retails for SGD$24.90 (0.25g) at all SASA, Selectiv' by SASA and BHG ALT Concept Stores. Now, I gotta admit, this is not the cheapest eyeliner out there if you compare the amount of product that you get. For reference, the full-sized Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliners are 1.2g each and retails for about SGD$30 (Not sure of the price anymore as inflation is a tough bitch to catch up with. I'll check and get back to ya). However, I really am enjoying the formulation and lasting power of this (the UD one is pretty poo-ish) so I still do recommend it.

Hope this review was helpful and thanks for taking a read! XO.

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