Get Chiselin' | W.Lab 3D Face Shading Stick Review

By Sarah - Saturday, April 09, 2016

w.lab 3D Face Shading Stick Review

Despite contouring and all that jazz being a trend that is considered passé by the makeup industry, I still do enjoy it very much and probably would not stop anytime soon. Then again, I rarely go all out - but I do like some definition to them contours, if you know what I mean.

To make it quick and easy (and also less conspicuous), I do like to add definition via cream products as they are much easier to blend and have more leeway in terms of perfecting that application. Additionally, after powder, blush and highlight, it adds subtle definition without going full out glam and kim k. 

From last year, I've been constantly using my Clinique Chubby Stick Contour in Curvy Contour but I was always on the look out to try something new. Thus, this W.Lab 3D Face Shading Stick caught my eye when I was browsing Althea Korea's website. Figuring that one can't have too many cream contour products (then again, I only had 2 then), I got it without a second thought. They had a highlighter stick as well, but I wasn't interested. I prefer my powder highlighters! 

When it arrived, I was really excited to try it our. It comes in a white, cylindrical twist up and convenient to use. The product itself comes in a stick form, with a larger diameter as compared to my Clinique one. 

w.lab 3D Face Shading Stick Review vs clinique chubby contour stick

The shade itself is a cool-toned brown (definitely cooler than the Clinique Chubby Stick) and does have a slight grey undertone to it, making it suited for contouring as the natural shadows on our face tend to be on the cool side. I do like how it looks like on my NC20-25 skin, natural and not orange-y in anyway. I like to use at my temples and under the cheekbone area. 

w.lab 3D Face Shading Stick Review
The product itself is very creamy and glides easily on the skin with no tugging. Product deposition is great, but beginners do be need to be careful as its creamy consistency could result in excessive product being applied to the skin. Blending is a breeze as well, I like to use a dense kabuki brush and tap the product out to blend it. Recently, I've been gearing towards my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush as it is tapered and I can good precision when it comes to blending. Trying tapping/stamping to blend the product out as swiping or buffing motions could disrupt the layers of foundation and/or concealer beneath if you're not careful and we do not want our effort to go to waste. 

Once blended out, the products sit very nicely atop my makeup, with no patchiness or streaks. I can't get over how natural it looks (I am really enjoying the shade!).

w.lab 3D Face Shading Stick Review

Here's a swatch, along with the Clinique one for comparison. You can really see the shade and undertone difference. 

w.lab 3D Face Shading Stick Review

w.lab 3D Face Shading Stick Review

Overall, I am thoroughly loving this and this has replaced my Clinique Chubby Stick on a daily basis.  This retails on Althea Korea for SGD$20 which is really a steal! 

Hope this review and swatches was useful! Thanks for dropping by! Xo. 

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