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By Sarah - Saturday, April 16, 2016

Origani Dermassure Clear & Calm Acai Berry Peel and Flaxy Balance Serum Review

With the lengthy list of skincare products and brands I have tried so far, it was a surprise when I realised that I rarely dabble in organic skincare.

So what exactly is organic skincare? I had to google this as I'm no expert. The information are snippets I grabbed from Paula's Choice (they tend to say it like it is, but of course, we got to take everything in with a pinch of salt).

Generally speaking, "natural" ingredients are derived, in whole or in part, from natural sources with no synthetic compounds. Taking it a step further, "organic" ingredients are supposed to contain only plant-sourced ingredients that are cultivated without the use of synthetic chemicals, irradiation, or pesticides.

The next question then is, is this better for the skin? There is nothing about the claim that a product is natural or organic that reflects the quality of a product when it comes to protecting or making your skin look or act younger, healing your acne or dry skin, controlling your oily skin or rosacea, or addressing other skin-care concerns. Thus, products labeled organic are not a panacea for your skin—in fact, some organic products may actually hurt your skin.

Lastly, there is no substantiated, published research proving that organic ingredients are superior to non-organic or synthetic ingredients. There are good and bad ingredients in each category.

That being said, let's move onto the products I've got here today.

Origani is a luxury series that is carried by Organi Singapore. There is also a basic series named Organi. No these aren't typos. These are Australian brands, and the products are made in Australia. The products are made with pure, natural and organic ingredients and are not tested on animals. They also come in recyclable packaging. There are currently 6 retail stores in Singapore. 

Origani Dermassure Clear & Calm Acai Berry Peel and Flaxy Balance Serum Review

Let's start with my favourite out of the 2, the Clear & Calm Flaxy Balance Serum. 

From the website, 
Extracts from green tea leaves, eucalyptus and orange flower work with your skin to prevent the problems a lot of people with oily skin experience. Flaxy Balance Serum controls and reduces the amount of oil your skin produces, which helps to smooth flaws and reduce the size of pores.

Flaxy Balance Serum contains Flaxseed as one of its active ingredients to help matify the skin.This product is ideal for customers that have an oily T-zone. 

Origani Dermassure Clear & Calm  Flaxy Balance Serum Review

Firstly, I am thoroughly enjoying the packaging on this serum. It comes in a gorgeous translucent purple (anything purple is a winner in my books) plastic bottle with a pump so dispensing the product is convenient and easy. As the bottle is translucent, I can see the serum itself as well as how much product is left. It comes with a reflective, mirror-esque cap that adds a nice touch to the whole visual. 

I usually would use one pump for my entire face, day and night. The serum is greenish-yellow in colour, and reminds me a tad of apple cider vinegar. The scent reminds me of that as well - but I got over it after 2-3 uses. It is a lightweight serum that has a watery texture when applied onto the skin. It gets absorbed really quickly and leaves no tackiness after (not a main priority, since I will layer a moisturiser atop it either way). 

Origani Dermassure Clear & Calm Flaxy Balance Serum Review
Origani Dermassure Clear & Calm Flaxy Balance Serum Review
I've been using this for a good 3 weeks or so and I have to say I've been really liking it. One thing I noticed was that I became less oily after using this. Usually after 5 hours, my T-zone gets real nasty - greasepan and bacon nasty. Ok, a little exaggeration there but you get my drift. After using this, I did notice my T-zone was not as oily despite no touch ups for about 7 hours. My base make up products were the same (as I am currently obsessed with my foundation routine) so I'd have to attribute this win to the serum here. 

In terms of pore size, I can't say that it decreased significantly. I did notice that on some days, it is less visible than before but the change isn't dramatic. Then again, I do not expect it to be so as my large pores put up a tough battle. 

My skin does feel smoother though, so I will definitely use this till the last drop and see if my skin condition improves. I have high hopes for this. 

Overall, I do enjoy this serum and do recommend it if you have excessive sebum secretion and large pores. However, it ain't cheap so be prepared to bust out some moolah. This retails for $285 for 35ml. Click here for more information and to purchase it, if you would like. 

Origani Dermassure Clear & Calm Acai Berry Peel Review

Next of the 2, is the Clear & Calm Acai Berry Peel. 

I don't want to step on anyone's toes but I have to put this here as a good to know. Being an English teacher on the regular, hearing people say a-cai kills me a little on the inside. Just in case you wanted to know, it is pronounced as a-sah-yee. 

Anywho, let's move onto this peel! I am usually a fan of peels as I cherish the hope that one day, my acne scars would be poof-poof-gone. 

From the website, 
This weekly treatment has been proven to lighten the skin while removing blemishes to give you a look you’ll love.

Dermassure’s Acai Berry Peel eliminates bacteria, and all the problems that come with it. Bacteria can travel deep into the skin, causing pimples and acne breakouts. Both Acai Berry and Orange Flower Extract are well known natural antioxidants. Put them together, and you have a natural skin peel that is sure to give your skin a much needed detoxification while cleansing deep inside pores to remove excess dirt and oil resulting in cleaner, healthier skin.

Similar to the serum, I have to give credit to the aesthetics of the packaging. This product comes in a jar and a screw on cap. The cap goes pretty deep, which I am assuming to prevent the product from drying out. 

Origani Dermassure Clear & Calm Acai Berry Peel  Review

I do not think that I have encountered a product with such texture before. It reminds me a mix of jelly and paste, if that makes sense. It is pretty viscous, but blends easily with the warmth of the fingers. I usually use the spatula given and scoop up about the amount of the a fingernail and apply it all over. After 15 seconds or so, I would massage the skin gently and the peel will clump up into little clumps of dead skin cells. Do note, not a lot of clumps will be formed so do not be over zealous and rub harder. It will only damage the skin. 

Origani Dermassure Clear & Calm Acai Berry Peel Review

I am not a fan of how my skin feels after washing this peel off. Not that it is tight or dry, but it feels as though there is a film over it (I washed my face three times, so this is not due to improper washing). Does this mean that it is super clean and purified? I have absolutely no idea. I apply my routine skin care products atop it and I could still feel the "filminess". It may not be a big deal to some, but to someone like me, texture matters. 

I have only used this 3 times so far and do not really notice any changes in the acne scarring or blemishes. I do see that my skin tone seems to appear more even though. I will continue to use it weekly and will update here if I notice any other improvements. 

This retails for SGD$195 for 50g. Click here for more information and to purchase it. 

For more information on Organi Singapore, you can check out their Facebook and website.  

Hope this was useful to you in some way. Thanks for dropping by, till then!

**These products were sent for a review. Only honest thoughts are shared here, with no influence from others. I am not compensated nor affliated to the brand. 

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