Fighting the Pollution | Besoldo Skin Purify Smog Mask

By Sarah - Friday, May 27, 2016

Our skin is constantly being exposed to the pollutants and dirt in the air, resulting in inflammation and irritation. As this usually happens at the molecular level within the deeper layers of skin, we do not see the explicit effects of such irritation till years later!

This mask actually came at the perfect time, as I was actually reading all about skin inflammation and irritation and how skincare products can help to mitigate such issues.

The Besoldo Skin Purifying Smog Mask is meant to purify and soothe skin while providing a protective barrier on the skin to lock in the moisture within. I tried to find more information of this mask or this brand for that matter but to no avail. Despite so, I have to say that I do quite like this mask and what it does for my skin.

Coming in a box of 10 sheets, this mask is typically packaged in a thin sheet packaging and is great for slipping it into your travel bag. I foresee myself saving this mask for plane rides, as the air in the plane cabin is filthy. Thus, this mask would be extremely useful in purifying my skin from all that recycled air and to provide hydration.

When opened, this sheet mask comes with a plastic layer which you're supposed to peel off after comfortably adhering the mask to the facial contours and the skin. The mask sheet is made from 100% cotton with a special net structure that enables it to block out micro dust while removing pollutant from the pores.

However, I did find that the mask kept sticking to the plastic sheet and since this sheet isn't the softest and most malleable, it was difficult for me to press the mask to the skin with this plastic sheet on. Thus, I found it way easier to just peel the plastic sheet off first, then apply the mask sheet onto the face as it adhered much better.

You can see the gap at the nose area (before adjusting)
Size wise, I did find that the mask was slightly too big for my face and I had to adjust it quite a bit and overlap some layers for it to fit nicely to my face. This is especially so for the nose area as the hole provided is quite large and there was quite big a gap. However, as sheet masks are thin and easy to control, I simply pull, press and overlap the sheet and I'm done. No biggie.

After 15 minutes, I took the mask off and lightly rinsed my face (as it was stated in the instructions on the box) and followed up with my moisturiser. I do like how my skin feels after. It feels sufficiently hydrated and the skin looks fresh. I tried to investigate my pore situation and whether it is cleaner than before, but it is hard to say as it is generally hard to judge.
Sorry my camera settings were wonky that day and the sides are slightly blur :(
In fact, looking at the ingredients list, I gotta say I am pretty impressed. The list is filled with skin benefitting ingredients and majority of it appears to be of natural plant origins. The second highest ingredient is niacinamide, a great cell-communicating ingredient that can improve the skin's elasticity and prevent moisture loss. There wasn't any harmful ingredients that I could see (or at least understand, as we all know reading ingredient lists are like reading a computer code) so that is definitely a plus as well.

Overall, I do like this mask and would definitely bring it on the plane with me! Its ingredient list shows great potential of improving the skin in the long run.

This retails for 90 000 Won (~ SGD 105) and as I could not find it online, I guess the only way is to keep a look out for it in Korea! Definitely add this to your list when you're going beauty shopping!

Till then, xo!

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