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By Sarah - Tuesday, May 24, 2016

I gotta say, this was the first time I've encountered a roll on mask. Truth to be told, I was definitely intrigued but was pretty skeptical. I did not see any faults with the traditional sheet masks but regardless, I was excited to give it a shot.

The Wellage White Aqua Roll Mask Pack comes in a cylindrical case of 10 rolls. Each mask is packaged in a long thin packet, some what reminding me of a pocky stick or a sachet of coffee. It is interesting and pretty innovative, but ultimately, I do not see how this provides a better alternative.

Firstly, I do not necessarily see any space saving with this - traditional sheet masks do not take up a lot of space and are convenient for travel to begin with. Due to the plastic stick (for application), these packets cannot be bent either - so bringing it along with me for travel can be an issue if there isn't sufficient height or length for these. Another factor I am not a fan of is that these are pretty difficult to open by hand and requires a pair of scissors to snip it open. This means I can't bring this along to use in the plane whenever I'm flying.

Now let's move onto application. I would see this as easier to apply as it was meant to be simply rolled onto your skin and viola. However, I found it a little bit more challenging as the mask did not fit onto the contours of my face properly. In fact, since I started off the wrong foot (aka I started rolling the mask on my face a little too low on my forehead), everything pretty much went downhill after and required a lot of adjusting. Yes, it was my fault but still. It isn't foolproof *ahem*. 

Here is a shot of my attempt to let you have a rough idea. I didn't get to shoot the application process fully as I was too busy fixing it and my hands were wet from the essence to touch the camera.

My expression pretty much says it all -uh oh.
Despite my failed application, I have to say that I do like the mask and what it does. Containing 25 functional ingredients, the mask is meant to keep the skin moist.

Description of the product:
This mask contains 25 functional ingredients help to keep the facial skin moist. It's also made of best-quality cupra sheets, which holds moisture for longer time with its cohesiveness and elasticity, to supply nutrients on the facial skin without irritation. The sheet does not dry out easily and nourishes the skin for longer time. 

The mask sheet is thin and really porous and I do not feel suffocated by the mask as my skin can breathe. The sheet is immensely drenched in the essence which is great as my skin can just soak all that goodness up. However, it can get a tad messy as the essence drips quite a bit. 

After 15 minutes, the mask is still moist and did not harden nor dry up. I remove it and all the jazz, and I really can see that my skin is definitely plumper and firmer than before application. This means that the mask is efficient in imparting hydration to the skin. I did notice that the plumpness did dissipate slowly throughout the day and that is expected as our skin loses moisture to the environment.

Overall, I do like the mask sheet itself and the boost of moisture it provides for my skin. As for its roll on application, I think I would prefer to stick to the traditional ones - fold open, position and apply.

These retail for 35000 Won (about SGD 41). I tried finding these online but to no avail (will update if I do) so perhaps keep a look out for it when tripping to Korea!

Thank you to BNT News for sending it my way!

Hope this review was useful or that the pictures amused you in some way. Till then!

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