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By Sarah - Wednesday, August 24, 2016

I was most excited about this product in the August BNT Beauty Box! As a self professed brow fanatic, brow products are a category that always catches my eye and I love to test em' out. My brows are struggling these days - I have not gotten them professional done in MONTHS - but this lazy bum of mine just insists of grooming them on my own. This is definitely not recommended, for sure.

Beige is a Korean cosmetic brand under the site, CHUU. I have not heard about it before (like with many other Korean makeup and beauty brands as I only recently started to explore the K-beauty industry) and was glad to be exposed to it.

The concept of this hard finish wood eyebrow pencil reminds me to that of the Shu Uemura Hard Formula Brow Pencil. It comes unsharpened and can be shaped to a flat tapered tip which can aid in the drawing of brows.

There are instructions on the site as to how to sharpen it. Personally, I see the pros and cons to it but I do find it to be a hassle. Sharpening it according to their instructions would require a blade of some sort and since I am pretty much a klutz, this is dangerous. For me. Thus, I opted to sharpen it in a sharpener (I used my Urban Decay one) and got it ready to begin.

The formulation of this pencil is waxy and hard, to enable it to be sharpened via the blade method I suppose. Due to the hardness of the pencil, not much pigmentation will show up when swatched on the arm or on the back of the hand. It does perform better on the brows, as pigmentation is more obvious upon contact with the oils from the brow hairs. Do note, once I did my foundation before and since there was a sight layer of foundation deposit on my brows, I got close to none deposition of pigment with this pencil. I highly recommend doing the brows first - when there is sufficient oil for the pencil to interact with. Despite so, I am not a fan of the colour and pigmentation as well as the ease of use.

Even though it does deposit some colour, it does not satisfy me as my gaps can still be seen and it is obvious that I drew in the space with a pencil. I do have some sparse areas in my brows, especially at the arch, so I do like a pencil that can fill them in while add shape to them at the same time. I foresee this brow pencil to be much more useful for individuals with abundant brow hairs and only need slight filling in to give added definition. However, if you're like me, where shaping and filling of gaps are required, this may not be sufficient.

This does require some effort to use as well. I do find myself adding way more pressure than I would normally to get the product to show up to the intensity that I would like on the brows. This gives an extremely natural look, in my opinion, and once again, would be lovely for those with close to perfect brows. On me, however, it does not make the cut.

Overall, I am not a fan of this brow pencil due its formula. If I do use it, I find myself supplementing it with additional brow products such as powders and gels - which defeats the purpose of any eyebrow pencil for me personally as my idea of one is to make it simple and easy on-the-go.

Thus, if you have abundant brow hairs which are nicely shaped, then you might like this. Otherwise, I suggest you giving it a pass.

This pencil retails for USD 12 and can be purchased off the CHUU website here.

Till next time,

**This product was sent for a review. Only honest thoughts are shared here, with no influence from others. I am not compensated nor affliated to the brand. 

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