Hairless Pits | My first experience at IPL

By Sarah - Saturday, September 24, 2016

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Yes, I went there. I could not think of a better title and truth to be told, that is whole purpose of this post, isn't it?

I am going to be honest here and mention that I absolutely hate epilating my underarms (a more classy word, if I may). Of course I still do it, but I definitely do not enjoy it. So, IPL was something that I was seriously considering.

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IPL basically stands for Intense Pulse Light and it does have various usages. When used for hair removal, the light targets the melanin and travels to the bulb (think of the root of the hair strand) where the heat produced destroys the hair papilla.

I used to think IPL was a one-time treatment where bam! the laser hits and all your pit hairs shrivel and disappear for good. I was naive and here's why. IPL can only work on active hair follicles, and not all are active at the same time. So generally, it takes at least 5 sessions or so (it will differ for every individual of course) or most hair follicles to become active and be targeted by the IPL.

That all being said, let's talk about my very first IPL experience at True Aesthetics.

After learning about IPL and talking about my concerns, we proceeded into the treatment room. The IPL machine used also utilises radio frequency, providing a combined IPL/RF treatment - which is said to provide more effective results (research here and here ).

We began by applying some cooling gel onto the areas that are going to be treated with the IPL as it will offset the heat produced from the machine. Differing intensities are possible, it just depends on what you're comfortable with. I braced myself for any pain (as I was thinking about the sensation of fractional laser on the face and boy, was that painful) and we begun.

... it did not hurt.

It felt more of an ant bite/rubber band snapping onto the skin but it was nothing unbearable. In fact, I was so prepped for something way more intense that this process felt close to comfortable.

In less than 15 minutes, we were done and I was on my way. I like the lack of downtime needed and the fact that a treatment is quick and easy. Also, as the outlet is located at Orchard Central, it makes it extremely convenient to follow up with the rest of the sessions.

The outlet is small and cosy, and I felt comfortable throughout the entire session. The specialists were also friendly and she explained to me what she was doing, allaying any uneasiness that I had regarding the procedure.

I did not notice any redness or skin darkening (a side effect that I've read about online) after my first treatment. The hair growth and darkness of the hair remained the same for me after my first session.  However, if I picked at the hair (I do not do this on a regular basis, just in case you were wondering), I did notice that the hair comes out much easier.

I have 5 more sessions to go so I will keep you guys updated after my 3rd and last session!

For more information on True Aesthetics, check out their main website or their Facebook page.

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