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By Sarah - Saturday, September 17, 2016

I actually quite like doing these kinds of posts, so I'm gonna keep doing em. Hopefully it will help you in some way or that you enjoy close up shots of my eyeballs. 

Considering my stash of eyeshadow palettes, I actually rarely touch my Urban Decay Naked palettes (I have all 3 and I rarely ever do reach for them). I guess natural palettes aren't my favourite and another reason is that there are only 2-3 matte shades in each palette. I like my mattes. 

Regardless, I took my Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette out and I decided to do a look with it. 

P.s. My nails are horrid, I know. I can see it. But.... I ain't gonna pay $20 to soak it off so I gotta deal with it for slightly longer. So please do ignore them. 

1. Starting with Essence Cosmetics I Love Colour Intensifying Eyeshadow Base, I primed my lids.

2. Busting out the dusty Urban Decay Naked 3

3. Using a flat shader brush, I applied Strange on to the brow bone and onto the crease to set the primer.

4. Apply shade Limit onto the crease using a fluffy crease brush.You can get messy and fluff it everywhere. That's what I did.

5. Using a more tapered fluffy brush, I took Nooner and focused it more onto the lower crease, so Limit should peek out above.

6. Using a pencil brush for more control, I took the shade Blackhearts onto the outer V.

7. Using the same blending brush as before, with no additional product, blend it all out. 

Your eye lid should look something like this:

8. Take a shader brush, I dug (yes, dug) into the shade trick (which is a tricky shade to work with) and patted it onto the mobile lid. 

9. Taking the same shader brush (you can opt for a smaller one here too, for more control, but I got a lil lazy) and take the shade Dust into the inner corner to highlight.

10. I added my winged liner (you don't have to if that ain't your style).

11. I am trying out a new mascara, the Essence Cosmetics Forbidden Volume Rebel Mascara and I simply popped them on. The brush is still a little larger than I am used to, but lemme try to work with it.

And this is the final look!

Those lil black dots are from the mascara as I mentioned that I am struggling with that huge brush. I should have removed em' before taking the picture, but I forgot. Simply taking a spoolie and lightly brushing it over the dried spots will remove em' easily!

Yes, I definitely need to clean up my room but...I'll save that for another day.

Hope you enjoyed! Till then,

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