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By Sarah - Tuesday, November 01, 2016

l'oreal lucent magique porcelain cushion review

I have to admit that I am a cushion foundation newbie; I have not tried tons and am slowly venturing into its waters. From my previous experiences, I do find myself reaching for typical foundations more often as compared to these as cushion products tend to fall a tad short of my expectations for my base makeup.

Coming from someone who has oily skin with skin imperfections such as acne scarring and large pores, cushion foundations either tend to be too dewy on my skin (bordering grease-pan oily status) or they lack the necessary coverage to cover up my scars. I do not expect a full coverage - even my typical foundations are unable to fully cover up my scars - but a little concealing of em' is definitely something I look for. The weather in Singapore is also a place that tests makeup longevity to the extreme, with our hot and humid climate. Some cushions I've tried melted right off my face (no kidding, it dripped down my forehead along with my perspiration - it's gross but I have to tell ya) and I barely went through the day. This results in my cautious and reluctant stance to try out new ones.

loreal lucent magique porcelain cushion try on wear test review

L'Oreal is launching a new cushion - Lucent Magique Porcelain Cushion - and I had the opportunity to test it out. Off the bat, I have to admit that I had tried the L'Oreal Nude Magique Cushion in the past and it wasn't one of my favourites as it was extremely dewy and my oily skin looked like a grease pan by mid-day. It did not last long on my skin either. However, after reading the information on this new cushion, I had high hopes.

This cushion is said to last longer on the skin (as compared to the Lucent Magique BB Cushion which I have tried) and deliver up to 24 hours of hydration to the skin. It claims to be high coverage and has a demi-matte finish. The last point really caught my attention; It claims to provide up to 5 weeks longer than traditional BB cushions as it contains a double net technology that holds the foundation in place, reducing the needs for a sponge that dries out the product much more quickly.

loreal lucent magique porcelain cushion try on  review

This double-net consists of 2 nets - one meant to whip the foundation for an air-light demi-matte texture and the other for filtering and refining the foundation for flawless high coverage.

Now, I am not a fan of how little product cushion foundations contain. In fact, I resent the fact that the price is equivalent to a bottle of foundation as the amount of product we get in typical cushions are about less than half. Thus, the last point really made me intrigued and I tested it out by dismantling the cushion to see how much product we do get (versus them typical ones).

As you can see, there is a good amount of product in here, as compared to the other cushions I have tried where I have to constantly flip the sponge over to salvage any product left. I definitely feel like we do get more bang for a buck with this cushion. Now, let's talk about how it applies on the skin, the coverage it provides and the finish on the skin.

As you can see from applying it to my right half of my face, I would say that this cushion does provide medium coverage with one application. I applied a second layer to the cheeks, where my acne scars are more prominent. It is buildable, with no cakiness, to a medium-full coverage. My scars are slightly concealed and my skin tone has been even-ed out but yet it looks natural and my skin still looks like, skin.

loreal lucent magique porcelain cushion try on wear test review

I do agree that the finish is demi-matte. It isn't too flat on the skin and it doesn't look too unnatural if you do not bronze or highlight to add back some dimension. You can see the finish below (I have not set it with powder yet!):

In L'Oreal's full cushion range, there is also the Lucent Magique Cushion Glow Blush. I have not really encountered a blush cushion before so this was pretty cool for me. This blush features a light weight texture that provides a natural flush to the cheeks when applied with a few lip taps on the skin.

loreal lucent magique cushion blush

I also used their Tint Caresse Lip Ombre Cushion Pen (which is part of their cushion range as well). This is a medium coverage matte lip tint that comes in a pen like tube with a designer cushion tip which is supposed to help smudge the product to create an ombre graduated effect on the lips. I highly recommend applying lip balm before this as it was really difficult to apply it on my dry lips. After the lip balm went on, this product applied much more smoothly.

loreal tint caresse lip cushion pen in rose blossom lip swatch

After using the Cushion Glow Blush and Lip Cushion Pen, here's the finish look!

To test the longevity of this foundation, here's a shot of me after getting home from work. I had to use my artificial lighting (aka my ceiling lamp) as it was getting pretty dark outside. As you can see, I do not look like a frying pan and I am digging the lasting power of this cushion. Mind you, this was a good 7 ish hours after application, and it went through me running for the bus and after my young students (I'm not proud of that, but my kids are a little out of control during break time).

The L'Oreal Magique Porcelain Cushion retails for SGD 34.90 and will be available at all L'Oreal makeup counters at Watsons outlets, selected Guardian stores, SASA, Fairprice and Departmental Stores. It will be available from November 2016 onwards so do keep a look out if you're interested!

Other products mentioned:
Lucent Magique Cushion Glow Blush SGD 22.90
Tint Caresse Lip Cushion Pen SGD 23.90

Till next time,

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by L'Oreal Singapore. 

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