Get Party Ready // L'Oreal Infallible 24H Stay Fresh Liquid Foundation and Color Riche 24 Karat Gold Star Collection Review

By Sarah - Wednesday, December 21, 2016

I have been searching for my holy grail foundation and boy, have I tried a few. I feel like I've grown up and realised the importance of base makeup (rather than just focusing on the eyes - which explains my collection of over a hundred eyeshadow palettes). Once that base looks good, even no eyeshadow days can be perfect.

So this is where the L'Oreal Infallible 24H Stay Fresh Liquid Foundation comes in. I've seen it around blogging sphere and YouTube for a while, so when I heard that the 24H Infallible foundation (consisting of the foundation and powder) and the Color Riche 24 Karat Gold Star Collection are arriving onto our shores, of course I got excited. These products are best-sellers in the UK and US, so it was about time that we get to play with them too!

I've been playing around with this foundation everyday for the past week or so and have really put this foundation to the test. From work days that begins at 9am and end at 9.30pm to sweating profusely in our hot and humid weather, let's talk about how this Infallible Liquid Foundation fared.

Enriched with ultra-long wear pigments, this foundation is said to provide high coverage and 24 hour long-wearing ability. This foundation is also infused with hyaluron complex which is meant to provide up to 10 hour hydration for lasting comfort. The latter claim definitely intrigued me, as I do have dehydrated skin and some foundations do feel like they suck any remaining moisture within my skin through out the day.

I have been dealing with some skin issues recently and there are definitely imperfections here and there that requires some coverage. With this foundation, I have to say that the coverage is really nice. With one layer, it evens out my uneven skin tone, blemishes and minor acne scars. You can see the difference here!

The foundation leans sightly on the runnier side, and it blends really easily on the skin. I tried it with both a beauty sponge and face buffer brush, and both methods work perfectly fine. I did find that using circular stippling motions with the face buffer brush did provide a tad more coverage as compared to the beauty sponge (but the sponge is a much faster method to cover the entire face if you're in a rush!).

This foundation sets pretty quickly as well, but not too fast that you have to do half a face at a time. I usually apply my face primer, do my brows (to let the primer set into the skin), apply the foundation and I will proceed onto my eye makeup. Once I am done with my eyeshadows, I realised that this foundation has set nicely on the skin. It isn't extremely matte to the extent that it looks really unnatural. I would say this is a natural demi matte finish and it reminds me tremendously of the Too Face Born This Way foundation (but this, of course, is half the price!). When this sets, it stays put all day and does not budge. Using a white tissue, I swiped and pressed it onto my skin (before I set with powder) and the tissue did remain clean. I was really impressed as this product does not transfer easily,  resulting in a longer wear time.

I have been using salicylic acid at night now and my skin is adjusting, resulting in some dry patches on my cheeks and nose area. This foundation did not cling onto these dry patches (even throughout the day).

It didn't cling to the dry patches on my nose! 
To test out the claim that I was most excited about, I used a hydration thermometer to test the hydration level of the skin before and after the foundation. As you can see, the hydration levels increased by 1.3%! This may not be a lot, but for someone with really dehydrated skin, it is pretty impressive!

To go about my day, I simply set my face with the Infallible 24H Powder Foundation with a fluffy tapered brush. This also adds a tad more coverage to the skin. Then I put on some blush, highlighter and mascara. Y'know, the usual.

Topping the look off with one of the lipsticks from the Color Riche 24 Karat Gold Star Collection. I chose the shade Rouge Gold (a warm toned orange-y red).

Here is the finished look of the day! It is also good to note that this liquid foundation has a SPF 20 PA +++ and the powder foundation has a SPF 35 PA +++. These levels are pretty good for sun protection when it comes to drugstore base products. I still do recommend that you add a layer of sunscreen beneath (sunscreen should always be the last step of the morning skincare routine!), but if you're too lazy (I hope not) or rushing, this can be a good alternative. Better a little than none at all! 

As we know, the protection provided by the ingredients (be it physical or chemical sunscreens) does dissipate through out the day and reapplying sunscreen for me isn't the most feasible idea as I usually have makeup on. Thus, another way to prolong and strengthen the protection agains the harmful UVA and UVB rays from the sun is to add on products with sun protection in it. This liquid and powder foundation definitely comes in useful for me here!

Now, let's talk a little more about the lipsticks.

These lipsticks have been infused with 24 carat gold pigments for an on-trend metallic finish. My goodness, I was thrilled to play with these. A gold lipstick? Bring it.

Firstly, these lipsticks' packaging is really stunning. I am a fan of the ombre design and it doesn't hurt that it has the signatures of the various stars on the packaging of the lipstick shades. Side note, I am a big fan of Eva Longoria and I might be biased here, but her lipstick shade? My favourite.

I have not seen gold lipstick before so I was pretty fascinated. Cool fact, this lipstick was also used on the eyes of the models during the Paris Fashion week. I am really pumped to use this for Christmas and New Year!

Just to give you some ideas on wearing Le Gold on the lips, without going over the top :

Here are the swatches of the lipsticks :

and on my lips as well:

Overall, this foundation does feel really comfortable on the skin and does last a decent amount of time. I would not say 24 hours, because you should not be wearing makeup for that long a period anyway, but the lasting power is really great considering Singapore's hot and humid climate (the true enemy of makeup really, as everything just melts down much easier). Especially with parties for Christmas, New Year and CNY coming up soon, I really need a foundation that provides great coverage, looks natural on the skin and lasts for a good period of time before becoming streaky or patchy and this L'oreal Infallible 24H Stay Fresh Foundation is definitely on top of the list currently.

Here is a picture after wearing the foundation for my 12 hour work day (yes, 12 hours. And that doesn't include transportation time. You can already imagine the caffeine in my system). I did get oily at my T zone, but it isn't overly greasy. I did not touch up nor blot by the way!

Just in case you were slightly confused, this foundation is not the exact same as the L'OReal Infallible 24H Pro Matte foundation. The Pro Matte is definitely more matte on the skin and is more drying as well. I have been using the Pro Matte for over a year, and I always mix in a drop of facial oil with it whenever I use it as the foundation can be a tad drying on my skin. It is also very matte, thus I like to use a bronzer with a hint of shimmer to warm up the skin and to add back some natural dimension. 

That being said, I have to say that I am now preferring the Infallible Stay Fresh foundation as I get the hydration, natural look without any additional steps needed. I do like it quite a bit and I do recommend for you to pick one up and try!

The Infallible 24H Stay Fresh Liquid Foundation retails for SGD 32.90 and will come in 8 shades (pretty large for drugstore, hooray!).There is also the Infallible 24H Powder Foundation (comes in 2 shades) that retails for SGD 27.90. The Color Riche Collection Star 24 Karat Gold lipsticks retail for SGD 21.90 each and will come in 6 shades. These products can be found at all L’Oreal Makeup Counters at Watsons, selected Guardian, SASA, Fairprice & Department stores.

Let me know if you're planning to pick this foundation up!

Till then!

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by L'Oreal Singapore. 

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