Rounding Up // My Beauty Favourites for 2016

By Sarah - Thursday, January 05, 2017

Stridex Maximum strength The Saem Cover Perfection tip concealer d'ran wonder facial oil

2016 was truly a year I branched out to try many other new brands and I really felt that the beauty scene in Singapore really grew exponentially this year as well. I've tried tons of products this year and I wanted to share with you some of my ultimate favourites for the past year. I did not include any limited edition products, as there would really be no point to that. These are items that really blew my mind in terms of effectiveness, or are just items that I could not put down for pretty much the entire year. I really narrowed it down and I feel that these products truly deserve a mention so let us begin.

Australis Banana Powder Tarte Maracuja Oil the Saem Perfect Tip Concealer 3W Clinic Professional Powder

Australis Banana Powder

My dark circles do not play around and man, this powder really does an amazing job of brightening it up. I have tried quite a few banana powders, because a bright undereye is something that I enjoy, and nothing really compares to this. The shade is perfect for my skin tone and it does not look ashy or sallow under the eyes. I like to dip my slightly damp beauty blender into it and press it onto my undereyes after setting the whole face with a lil powder. I found that the brightening effect is intensified when using the sponge as compared to a brush. This powder is something I can't do without and I use this every time I put on my makeup. This can be found in the Australis AC on Tour palette or as a single. I own both and the formulations are the same. My friend got this for me from Perth but I know that the single retails for SGD 19.90 and can found on Laycy's website. I believe it can be found in some Watsons as well.

3W Clinic Professional Natural Makeup Powder

The baking trend really took off in 2016 and I tried it for a while when it started. I realised that it does not work the best when my undereyes are dry and it does make the skin much drier after. Thus, I only use a little powder and press it into my skin using my damp beauty blender. I have seen the Laura Mercier Powder everywhere and while I am tempted to try, I still can't bring myself to fork out that amount of money for powder so I can't compare it to this. This 3W Clinic loose powder is really nice and I like how it is so finely milled. It comes in 3 different shades, namely translucent (but it has tons of shimmer), #21 and #23 which is what I use. Despite it having a little colour, I do not find it altering the colour of my foundation nor make my skin look ashy. It sets my liquid foundation well and doesn't make me look cakey or unnatural. If you're on the hunt for an affordable loose powder, be it for baking or setting your makeup, I highly suggest you try this out. I got mine from Qoo10 for SGD 5, and you can check it out here.

Stridex Maximum Strength Acne Pads 

This has changed my skin. This has eliminated all the stubborn tiny bumps that were under the skin surface and I can see that my skin is looking clearer and just better.. This helped me to exfoliate the skin and I rarely do have breakouts around the cheeks and chin now, and that is a big deal for me. As this contains 2% salicylic acid, I will only use this every other night and to prevent any skin sensitivity, I like to wash it off after about 5-10 mins and I just follow up with the serum and moisturiser that I would normally use at night. You can read more on my review of the Stridex Maximum Strength Pads here. I got mine off iHerb for SGD 10, which you can check out here.

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation

This was my go-to foundation for the past year. If I have an event to go to at night, or a date, I would wear this as it really does a great job providing coverage without making me look cakey. I am a fan of the finish, as it is really natural and it doesn't look overly matte or dewy. This isn't the most natural looking foundation but considering the coverage, the finish isn't as cakey and mask-like like many other medium to full foundations out there. It lasts for a good period of time and I rarely do see it becoming patchy or streaky throughout the day. I did find that I liked the overall look better when applied with a brush, instead of a beauty sponge. This retails for SGD 61 on Sephora Singapore and I wear mine in the shade Warm Nude.

The Saem Cover Perfection Tip Concealer 

This has got to be my favourite concealer find this year. I live for full coverage concealers that manages to conceal my dark circles without being too dry as I have tons of fine lines in that area.
This concealer is super affordable, no joke and it does an amazing job of covering anything you wish to conceal. I use this for my spots, acne scars and undereyes and it works well. It lasts a good while too. You can check out my full review of the Saem Cover tip Concealer here. It costs SGD 5 and retails on Althea Korea. I use mine in shade 2 Rich Beige for the acne scars and 1.5 Natural Beige for the undereyes! Trust me on this one.

Facial Oils

This was year that I have been into facial oils in general. I have a couple that I use in rotation, but my favourite has to be the Wonder Facial Oil With Vitamin E by D'ran. This retails for SGD 41.90 and can be found on Koreanup.  There is a myriad of uses and trust me, I use this so much that I am surprised how much I have left. I mix it with my foundation, I use it at night after my moisturiser, I add a few drops of it into a bottle with distilled water and use it as a facial mist and my new found step that really prevents undereye concealer from creasing, is to apply a super thin layer of it under the eyes before starting my makeup routine. Facial oils are something that I'm glad that I tried, as it really changed my makeup and skin care routine. Another notable mention is the Tarte Maracuja Oil as well. If you are unsure about them, I suggest getting the Tarte one as it comes in a mini travel size bottle (SGD 22, on Sephora Singapore) so you can dip your feet in before venturing into deeper waters!

Hope your 2017 was off to an amazing start! If you have any product that you think I should try, please do let me know! Till then,

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