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By Sarah - Sunday, February 12, 2017

SANDOME Cura Skin Luxuries

Valentine's day is around the corner and I do have a pretty cool gift idea. Of course, I am not a huge fan of Valentine's Day as firstly, I've got no man (I ain't bitter, though) and secondly, why should we not shower our significant others with love every single day? Regardless, a nice gift is always a boon,  regardless of any occasion.

Personally, I do like gifts that I can use rather than those that just take up space or wither (aka beautiful flowers). That is where these luxurious hand made soaps from SANDOME Cura come in. These look so pretty and honestly, at first glance, I could not believe that these are soaps!

SANDOME Cura Skin Luxuries natural artisanal soap

SANDOME Cura is a Singaporean brand that specialises in exquisite handcrafted "skin luxuries" and recently, they have launched their new range of natural artisan soaps. These soaps are made with only natural ingredients and top-grade essential oils and are said to help hydrate and clean the skin while leaving one's skin soft and silky.

SANDOME Cura Skin Luxuries natural artisanal soap

For this coming Valentine's Day, Sandome Cura has also launched a special Petals Series, which in my opinion is a great gift as it is romantic and practical at the same time. These rose petals look so exquisite and I get a little heart broken whenever I use them as they are just too pretty to look at. This works great for a romantic bath filled with rose petals too *wink wink*!

The Petals Series retails for SGD 12.90 (Set of 3) or SGD 23.90 (Set of 16).

SANDOME Cura Skin Luxuries natural artisanal soap

And besides significant others, Valentine's Day is a celebration of your loved ones. If rose petals is a little too stereotypical for your taste, these soaps from the Classic Set is a great option as well. Look at that marbling and gold foil! These looks really sophisticated and luxurious and I foresee it to be a great gift!

Featured here are the Mandarin (white) and Lavender (purple) ones! As a fan of lavender, you already know which one I would use first! There are also other scents available - Palmarosa, Litsea Cubeba, Lime and Peppermint.

The Classic Set retails for SGD 42.90 (Set of 4) or SGD 79.90 (Set of 8).

SANDOME Cura luxury and natural artisanal soap

If none of these above caught your eye, Sandome Cura also offers customisation services that enables you to create your own one-of-a-kind shower and bath products from scratch as well. You can choose the design, colour and the essential oils used too. Talk about original and personalised gifts!

For more information on SANDOME Cura, you can check out their main website or Facebook page here.

I just checked their website and currently, they are having a 15% discount storewide with the code SC15OFF!

Hope this post inspired you with gift ideas for this Valentine's Day or any birthday, for that matter!

Are you liking the idea of these artisanal luxury soaps? Do let me know! 

Till then,

**These products were gifted via PR. 

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