THELAVICOS Nutrition Hydro Gel Mask Review

By Sarah - Saturday, February 25, 2017

My skin has been pretty dry recently, and I can usually feel tightness around the cheek area during the day. As the weather is becoming warmer in Singapore, I do go swimming more often than before and that definitely does contribute to my skin feeling more dehydrated than normal. For my BNT Beauty Box for February, I received the THELAVICOS Nutrition Hydro Gel Mask. This mask is said to aid in whitening and reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

The box comes with 5 hydro gel masks, packed separately. These masks are suited for all skin types and helps to provide nutrients to the skin to help combat certain skin concerns such as pigmentation and appearance of fine lines.

Looking at the ingredients list, this mask does have the potential to pack a punch. The notable ingredients feature:

  • Swiftlet Nest Extract (said to be 200 times more nourishing than Royal Jelly and rich in EGF and minerals)
  • Soybean Ferment Extract (skin conditioning agent)
  • Adenosine (skin restoring and skin smoothing agent with anti-wrinkle benefits)
  • Niacinamide (antioxidant and skin restoring agent that helps improve the appearance of enlarged pores, uneven skin tone, fine lines, dullness, and a weakened skin surface) 
  • Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide (skin restoring agent with anti aging benefits)
However, I noticed that alcohol is the 5th ingredient and fragrance is the last ingredient in the list. Alcohol helps ingredients to penetrate the skin surface but it is never a good ingredient to have in skin care, for many reasons that I have mentioned before. Fragrance can potentially sensitise the skin, so it is also something to note. I did not find the scent of the mask to be obvious or overpowering in any way.

The mask comes with 2 plastic sheet protectors - a white one and a transparent one. Do note, the side with the transparent film should be the side applied to the skin. I have to admit, handling a gel mask is not as easy and is way more messy than a plain ol' shit mask. I struggled as it was quite difficult to separate the gel mask from the plastic sheets as well. Thankfully, the mask comes in 2 sections meant for the upper and lower sections of the face and that made it a tad easier to manage. 

The hydro gel sheet does feel nice on the skin and I'd imagine it would feel even more amazing if I had placed the mask inside the fridge before using it. It moulded nicely onto the facial contours and it fit pretty well on me. I am not sure if the gel sheets result in lesser friction, but I did find that the mask moved around on my skin quite a bit, especially the lower half. I had to readjust it every 5 minutes or so, but that was not too big a deal.

After leaving it on for about 25 minutes, I removed it and patted in the remaining essence as stated in the instructions. This does leave a tacky feel to the skin and I found that if I rubbed the skin ever so slightly, little balls of serum would form on the skin surface and that felt pretty uncomfortable. Thus, I would wash it the remaining essence off when I use this mask again. 

I have used this mask twice so far and I can see that the skin does feel more hydrated and look brighter after use. I do like the concept of it, as sheet masks can get a tad boring sometimes. Also, overall ingredients do have potential, sans the alcohol and fragrance. This retails for 33500 Won (a little over SGD 40) which makes it pretty pricey! I do think there are more affordable options out there in the market and considering I am trying my utter best to steer clear of products with alcohol in them, I'd probably not repurchase this. 

Have you tried hydro gel masks before? Let me know!

Thank you to the BNT Team for sending these over! 

Till then, 

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