February Favourites // Essence, Milani, Maybelline & Wellaholics Cosmeceuticals

By Sarah - Thursday, March 02, 2017

Essence All About Matt! Powder, Milani Eyeshadow Primer, Essence Forbidden Volume Rebel Mascara and Wellaholic Cosmeceuticals.

Two months of 2017 have passed and it has been a hectic so far. Work has intensified and so did life commitments. Thus, my makeup routine got a tad lazier (ok, maybe way lazier) and I am slowly but surely steering clear of a cake face situation. How I miss those times but who knows how long this lazy phase will last. I have collated my favourite beauty products that I have been using on the regular for the past month so let's dive in already.

Essence Cosmetics All About Matt! Fixing Compact Powder

I heard many raving reviews about this before but I only managed to purchase mine about two weeks ago. Despite that, I found my self using this every single day. Yes, everyday. This powder is translucent, and does not alter the shade of my foundation or concealer. The powder feels smooth and soft in the pan, and when applied, it blends and sits nicely on the skin as it is pretty finely milled. In fact, this kind of feels like a pressed version of the RCMA No Colour Powder, except this powder has better oil controlling properties. So far, I am a huge fan of this and I can't foresee myself putting this powder down anytime soon! I got mine from Guardian at SGD 4.90, a total steal!

Essence All About Matt! Fixing Compact Powder review

Maybelline Fresh Matte Super BB Cushion*

I am not entirely sure what it is, but my makeup these few days have become more minimal and I've been grabbing for fuss-free products that are quick and easy to use. This Maybelline Fresh Matte Super BB Cushion is definitely one of them (you can read my full review on it here). I really like how this cushion applies onto the skin and how it looks once it sets. I rarely have the energy to use a typical liquid foundation now (and I do hope that I get out of this phase soon!), so this is the base product that I have been reaching for. I've been so lazy recently, that I skip on primer on most days as well, and despite that horrified look on your face now, I'm glad to report that this product does last a good amount of time on my skin before becoming patchy (about 7 hours). This retails for SGD 28.90!

Maybelline Fresh Matte Super BB Cushion review

Essence Rebel Forbidden Volume Mascara

Yes, another Essence Cosmetics product but Essence really does kill it when it comes to affordable yet good quality makeup! I got this mascara a while back, and I have to say it did not blow my mind when I first opened it. The brush is unique, but a tad odd in my opinion. I was never a huge fan of the brush, but the mascara itself does wonders when it comes to adding volume to the lashes. I have a few mascaras open currently, and nothing compares to this for volumising. It does give a slightly clumpy look (if you don't comb it out with a brow brush or lash separator), but I do enjoy it and I like how luscious my lashes look with just mascara alone. I bought this at SGD 4.50 I believe! Essence Cosmetics is available in some Watsons and Guardian outlets, especially those along Orchard road.

Essence Forbidden Volume Rebel Mascara review

Milani Eyeshadow Primer

I know, how can one be lazy to skip face primer but still manage to smear some eyeshadow primer on the lids. Being a fervent fan of playing with eyeshadows, I have to say eye makeup is still my favourite part of my makeup routine. I play with different shades from a myriad of brands on a daily basis, and I would like that to last. I know there is probably no logical rationale to this, and I realise that when I am typing this but to each its own. This Milani Eyeshadow Primer is really easy to blend onto the lids and it does help my eyeshadows to last longer on the lids. My lids are oily and I notice that the eyeshadows tend to smear and become muddy looking throughout the day if I skip priming the eyes. This eyeshadow primer has definitely been my go-to for the past month. I got mine for SGD 12.70 from Beautybay!

Wellaholic Cosmeceuticals Tightening Toner and Rejuvenating Night Cream*

Recently, I was introduced to a local skincare brand, Wellaholic Cosmeceuticals and got to try out their Tightening Toner with Azeloglicinia and their Rejuvenating Night Cream with Retinyl Palmitate. The Tightening Toner (SGD 59) does contain Azeloglicinia which helps to improve the texture of the skin and addresses uneven skin tone and dark spots. It also contains salicylic acid which is a gentle exfoliant that helps to shed the unhealthy build up on dead skin cells on the skin surface. The Rejuvenating Night Cream (SGD 79) contains Retinyl Palmitate (an ester of Retinol, or Vitamin A) which is an effective antioxidant. The toner does feel gentle on the skin (some toners feel gritty and they make my skin slightly red thanks to my skin's sensitivity) and I like how it does not leave a tacky residue after it dries, but that does not matter much as I usually slather on moisturiser after. The night cream absorbs into the skin really quickly as well, and leaves the skin feeling hydrated without any tackiness so that is a plus.

Wellaholic Cosmeceuticals Tightening Toner and Rejuvenating Moisturiser review

I am enjoying these two products and would love for you to try them too. Thus, I am going to be giving away 1 Tightening Toner and 1 Rejuvenating Night Cream to you! Simply click the link below and fill up the form below! I will contact both winners via email when the giveaway ends on 31st March. Please just submit once! << The Giveaway has ended! Thank you for participating!>>

>> Take part in the Wellaholic Giveaway here!<<

Essence All About Matt! Powder, Milani Eyeshadow Primer, Essence Forbidden Volume Rebel Mascara and Wellaholic Cosmeceuticals

Are any of these your favourites? Let me know! 

Till then,

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