My Kbeauty Makeup and Skincare Haul from Seoul

By Sarah - Tuesday, March 28, 2017

My Kbeauty Makeup and Skincare Haul from Seoul

Korean beauty trends and products have been increasingly well known and being in an Asian country, it is pretty popular among many people. I've never really been into Korean makeup products, as I've tried some and they did not meet my expectations. On the other hand, Korean skincare products are something that I constantly get intrigued by and would love to try out.

I knew about the craze over Kbeauty, but it didn't hit me till I walked the streets of Myeongdong. Everywhere I turned was a skincare and makeup brand wonderland! I did not plan a to-buy list when I arrived, but I bought way more than I thought I would despite my constant reminder to have self control.

Let me share with you my haul! Get a cup of coffee, as it is gonna be a long one.

Being someone who only starting treading Kbeauty waters recently, the more known brands were the first few stores that we hit, namely Etude House, Innisfree and Nature Republic.

Kbeauty Makeup and Skincare Haul, Etude House Zero Sebum,  Peri Pera Ink Velvet, Labiotte, the Saem Eco Soul Eye Tint

From Etude house, I got myself the  Zero Sebum Drying Powder (₩6500 as it was 1 for 1 or ₩13000 normally) and the Drawing Eye Brow Pencil (₩2800). The Zero Sebum Drying Powder reminded me of the famous innisfree No Sebum Powder, so I thought to give it a try. Besides, it was on promotion so why not? The Drawing Eye Brow pencils have been one of my favourites in the past and is really affordable. I like that the tip is slanted, like the Anastasia Brow Definer, so it makes creating a sharp line ever so easy.

Innisfree is also a well known brand and I had to pay their shops a visit! Got myself their Green Tea Mint Shampoo which I have always wanted to try (₩8000) and by recommendation of my travelling partner, the No Sebum Blur Primer which is said to be dupable for the Benefit Porefessional. Can't wait to try it out! Update - I have tried the shampoo and I love it. Think minty and cooling goodness on the scalp. How's that for a wakeup call in the morning!

Last of the more known brands is Nature Republic. This brand is probably most known for their Aloe Vera Gel (which I am not too big a fan off and you can read more about that here) but I was pretty intrigued by their other products. As I bought a ton more of their products as compared to the other brands, I think a bullet chart will be more suitable for easy reading.

- Auto Eyebrow Pencil (₩3500) : similar tip to that of the Etude House and ABH Brow Definer. It is creamy and blends nicely! I am liking it so far. Staying powder isn't the strongest, but I usually top it off with a brow mascara anyway so that does not affect me strongly.

- Ginseng and Peppermint Real Nature Clay Mask (₩5900) : I've only tried the Peppermint one so far and I am absolutely loving it! This clay mask isn't as drying as the rest that I've tried so far and I like how it makes my skin feel after washing it off - soft and clean but not tight or dry. The texture is creamy and it has some bits in it too, which I am assuming are mint leaves but that does not bother me. The Peppermint Real Nature Clay Mask is meant for oily skin whereas the Ginseng Real Nature Clay Mask is meant for those with sensitive skin. As I am both oily and sensitive, I thought why not get both of them? I will update with a review about the Ginseng one when I try it out!

- Bamboo Charcoal Mud Pack (₩6600): My skin has been acting up recently and has been feeling all clogged up. Thus, I felt the need (ok, want) to get this mud pack as well. I mean... who does not want cleaner pores, am I right? Have not tried this out yet, so I can't say anything about it. But I am liking that it is in a tube which makes the dispensing of product much easier and less messy.

- Himalayan Salt Cleansing Balm (about ₩10000 after 30% disc) : I do like this quite a bit. I've always been a micellar water kind of girl, but ever since I tried a cleansing oil and this product, I think it is safe to say that your girl is officially a convert. When travelling, ain't nobody has time to conduct a multi step makeup removal. I'm tired and there is nothing more that I would love than to concuss on the hotel bed. Having this cleaning balm just made the whole makeup removal process that much easier. I take a scoop, rub it in between my palms to warm it up and I smear it all over my face. This removes everything, even waterproof mascara! It also does not leave an extremely oily or sticky film to the face after washing.

- Smudge Proof Eyeliner (₩9900) : I have not heard anything about this but oh my goodness, this is truly a smudge proof eyeliner alright. I tried it out on my hand and that did not budge a single bit throughout the entire day (despite me washing my hands multiple times and bathing!). I'm impressed by its staying powder fo' sure. The only thing I am not too big a fan about would be that it is a felt tip and I have not used a felt tip liner in a really long time. But, this woman will learn.

- Round Cutting Puff Makeup Sponge (₩5400, after 10%) : You guys, I might have fallen in love with this sponge and I think (I'm going to say it) that I like it a tad more than my beauty blender *gasp*. This is slightly more dense than a beauty blender and is less "springy" when you squeeze it. But that is exactly how I like it. This does result in it absorbing a little more product than the beauty blender though, so do take note of that. I like the shape of it (exactly the same as the Real Techniques Miracle Blending Sponge) and I have not put it down ever since I got it.

- Triple Volume Tint (about ₩5000, sorry I forgot!) : Lip tints were never on my radar. That was till my friend enabled me and convinced me of its wonders. As I am constantly thirsty and hungry, I eat and drink a lot. A looooot. That doesn't help the wear of my lipsticks at all. And liquid lipsticks never wore right on me, thanks to my lips which are as parched as the Sahara Desert. Thus, I decided to try out her lip tint one day and I knew I had to get my own. Or 4. But that's besides the point. This lip tint is sheer and can be built up to a natural finish on the lips. I got mine in the shade 01 and I like it for a hint of coral flush to the lips. This is not an opaque tint by any means but I like how it imparts colour that lasts for a good amount of time without being drying or crusty.

- Real Nature Hydrogel Mask in Honey and Green Tea (₩19500 for 1, but there was a promotion of 1 for 1 so it was truly a good deal) : I do quite like hydrogel mask sheets and the promotion made this irresistible! Can't wait to try them out to save this dehydrated skin of mine.

Next, I moved onto brands that I've either never heard before or have vaguely some recognition.

Labiotte UV Veil Moisture Sun Essence and Wine Lip Tint

Labiotte, or Château Labiotte to be exact, is definitely one brand that was new to me. However, this was the brand whose lip tint I tried out from my friend so we had to go back to a store to purchase me one of those. I got one of the Wine Lip Tint (₩12000) in the shade CR02 Sauternes Coral. This is a pretty coral pink that is neutral enough for work but saturated enough to add some life to the face. This is really lightweight and it did not dry out my lips one bit. I love it and I am filled with regret as to not purchasing more. They were also having a promotion for 1 for 1 Cleansing Oils (₩19000 each originally), so I had to get them since I really wanted to try cleansing oils out thanks to its surrounding hype. I got myself the Moisture Cleasing Oil with Evening Primrose and the Fresh Cleansing Oil with Pink Peony. So far, so good! They remove my makeup in a flash and my skin does feel soft and clean after double cleansing.

As promotions are never ending, they also had a 1 for 1 for their UV Veil Moisture Sun Essence (₩18000 originally). I wasn't even looking to get more sunscreen but when I felt the texture, I didn't think twice and added it to my basket. This is so lightweight and it blends really nicely into the skin! I have been struggling with sunscreen lately, as they are pretty thick and I've been putting off wearing them daily as it feels heavy on the skin. I can't wait to use this!

Next, we have COSRX. This brand is known for providing effective skin care for sensitive skin. I have heard so much about this brand so I knew I wanted to try some products from here. COSRX can be found in random beauty stores all around in Seoul but the full range can be found in Åland Beauty.  I forgot the prices but they were all less than or around SGD 20. I got myself the Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence (which is meant to heal the skin, hydrate it and provide anti wrinkle effects), One Step Pimple Clear Pads (which is meant to calm and soothe the skin while the active ingredients deeply penetrate the pores to flush out the unwanted gunk to clear and prevent further skin troubles) and the Natural BHA Skin Returning Emulsion (which is meant for daily exfoliation and hydration).

Kbeauty Makeup and Skincare Haul from Seoul, Cosrx, Nature Republic, Caolion, Labiotte

I also got myself tons of face mask sheets as these were everywhere and constantly on promotion as well! Here I have 4 types from Skin Food (₩10000 for 20!), namely Snail, Propolis & Bee Venom, Bird's Nest and Centella Astatica. Had to get some from the Saem as well, as they had the best deal (there was a 30% discount so it was ₩7000 for 10!). I got the Natural-tox Green Grape Mask Sheet and Natural Gox Kohrabi Mask Sheet.  I also got some from Nature Republic which I mentioned earlier.

Kbeauty Sheet Face Masks Skincare Haul from SeoulLastly, I got some random bits and bobs! When I was in the Saem store, I swatched their Eco Soul Gel Lasting Eye Tint and died. It was creamy, pigmented and once it sets, it didn't budge. I immediately threw one into my basket and of course, it had to be an olive green shade in Chic Khaki.

As I am on a brow pencil hunt (since eyebrows are ever so important right?), I decided to get myself the Skinfood Black Bean Eyebrow Pencil (₩2500) in shade 3, which is cool toned brown. Now, when I swatched this pencil in the store, it felt pretty hard in texture which I thought was great to help build up the brows slowly. However, when applied to the brows, I think the presence of oils on the brow hairs and the skin makes this pencil pretty emollient and creamy. I am fine either way, but just thought I'd share it with you just in case.

Aritaum as a store was present almost everywhere! Thus, I thought to try one of their products and since my dark circles have been screaming for coverage recently, I decided to get myself the Aritaum Real Ampoule Peach Colour Corrector (₩7000). This feels pretty thin in formulation and blends nicely onto the skin. I've tried this twice and so far, it really does help cancel the blueish tones of my dark undereyes!

Kbeauty Makeup and Skincare Haul from Seoul - Nature Republic Eye Brow and Triple Volume Tint and Labiotte Mascara

I also purchased 2 of the Peri Pera Ink Velvet Lip Tints (₩9000 each, but there was a 20% discount when I was there!). I got mine in the shades #7 Dollish Beige Rose (I really love this shade!) and #14 Beauty Peak Rose. This applies really nicely onto the lips as it has a slight mousse texture to it. It does not dry down like liquid lipsticks do, but it does stain the lips with colour even when the top creamy layer is removed. It does not dry out my lips as well, so this is a highly recommended product!

My last two purchases include the Dr Jart+ Trans-foam Clay (₩12000 after discount, 24000 originally) and the Caolion Blackhead Steam Pore Pack (around ₩14000). Do I need so many clay masks, you ask? *Shrugs*

That's all for my beauty makeup and skincare purchases when I was in Seoul! Really excited to start using all of them and if there are any stand outs, I will definitely do a dedicated post on them!

Did any of these products catch your eye? Let me know!

Till then,

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