March Favourites // Peri Pera, Labiotte, Nature Republic, Milani and Physician's Formula

By Sarah - Monday, April 03, 2017

How did we pass through 3 months of 2017 already? It is truly amazing how time flies. March had been good to me, and I got the lovely opportunity to travel to Seoul! The myriad of food there just made me terribly happy and I could not stop myself. This thus explains my need to go to the gym more often after.

Anyway, I bought tons of stuff from Seoul which I have been loving, as well as some old favourites which I stumbled upon while shopping my stash!

Labiotte Eye Relaxing Mascara, Nature Republic Round Cut Puff, Peri Pera Lip Velvet Tint

Physician's Formula Shimmer Strip in Warm Nude

This is truly a beautiful highlighter. I've had this for a while but I've forgotten all about it as highlighters are constantly being launched and I keep on buying them. I admit, the main reason why I rarely touched this before was because its packaging is slightly bulky. It does come with a mirror and a compartment for an eye sponge and cheek brush, but that is a feature I'd rarely utilise. Sometime during the first week of march, I decided to raid through my highlighter drawer and when I used this, I fell in love all over again. This adds a really nice glow to the high points of the face without being shimmery. There is absolutely no glitter in this (rare these days!) and I really like how it sits and looks on the skin. This is definitely inching up to my holy grail as I have been using this almost everyday (except for my overseas trip as it was too bulky to bring along!).

Milani Luminoso and Physician's Formula Shimmer Strip in Warm Nude

Milani Luminoso Blush

An oldie but a goodie. Truly. I finally put down my Taste blush palette and started to use my blush singles again as all of them have been significantly neglected. Had to start with what I remembered liking best and this was it. This adds a nice flush with a hint of sheen to the cheeks and the lasting power is really good on this one. Blush is always the first to fade but this lasted on me (with an ever so slight fade) after a long work day of 10 hours. 10!!

Peri Pera Ink Velvet and Labiotte Eye Relaxing Mascara

Peri Pera Ink Velvet Lip Tint in #7 and #14

I got this when I was in Seoul (you can read all about my makeup and skincare haul here) and this just really changes up my opinions on lip tints. When I was younger, I tried a lip tint and it was awful. Patchy, dried too fast and it was not moisturising in any way possible. Thus, you'd understand why lip tints were removed from my radar in the recent years. However, my travelling buddy was talking about them in general and when I tried hers out, it was as though fireworks were going off in my head. Long lasting, pigmented and moisturising at the same time? YES PLEASE. I've always been a lipstick kind of girl, and a hater of liquid lipsticks that tend to dry out the lips and emphasis every single damn lip line possible. These Peri Pera Ink Velvets feel like a mousse on the lips and it provides lasting colour without drying the lips out. These lip tints go on so smoothly and I really just love them so much. Not going to Seoul anytime soon you say? Fret not as I just bought myself 2 more from Althea Korea where they are going for only SGD 10 each (it is even cheaper than when I bought them in store)! Trust me on this one and add it to cart. You can thank me later.

Peri Pera Lip Velvet in 7 and 14 swatch and physician's formula shimmer strip in warm nude

Labiotte Healthy Blossom Eye Relaxing Mascara

This is another product I received when I was in Seoul. I know, how can it be counted in my March Favourites since I only got it so recently? Well, I have been using this daily for 2 week now and I am really really really liking it. Despite the name sounding a tad odd, this mascara has a curved natural bristled wand that really grabs and coats every single lash. This helps to lengthen my lashes really well and it does provide good volume as well. I usually wear about 2 coats and it satisfies me enough to not feel the need to wear falsies. I like how it manages it hold my curl and not smudge throughout the day even though I am not too sure if this is waterproof or not (it doesn't say so on the tube!). Since I got mine as free gift from the Labiotte store itself, I searched for it online and you can get it from here if you're interested.

Labiotte Healthy Blossom Eye Relaxing Mascara review

Nature Republic Round Cut Puff

Another Kbeauty item, but you guys, I think.... I like this sponge more than my Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge and dare I say it, my beauty blender. It is so good and I can't put it down. In fact, I will reach for it instinctively whenever I do my makeup everyday. This has the same cut to the RT one (yes, I've compared it and you can see it below) but this has more squishy-ness to it.

Nature Republic Round Cut Puff Review against Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

The sponge material is slightly denser and less porous than both the BB and RT one, but perhaps that is why I like it more. It makes blending really easy (albeit it might absorb a tad more product) and I really enjoy how it feels on the face whenever I pounce it up and down. I feel like I have to apply less pressure to blend everything out as well. This is definitely more affordable than its competitors, as I got this for only 6000 Won (about SGD 7.50!). The only issue here is... I am not sure where to find it! I managed to find it on Nature Republic's main site, but everything is in Korean! If you do have a Nature Republic Store near you, I highly recommend you picking this up!

Labiotte Eye Relaxing Mascara, Nature Republic Round Cut Puff, Peri Pera Lip Velvet Tint

Hope you're feeling ready for April! I know I am. I have plans to wake up earlier, be more productive throughout the days and basically, get my s*** together as the work load is starting to pile up.

Any of these products caught your eye? Do share with me! 

Till then,

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