5 Things I Would Like to Achieve in September

By Sarah - Monday, September 11, 2017

A little past the beginning of the month, I know, but I want to type these down as a reminder to myself and maybe even as an inspiration for you. I don't know about you, but I find myself constantly setting mental goals and just forgetting about it. Then, time passes and I regret not hustling and getting myself closer to my goal. Also, I fall into the category of bitting more than I can chew, and I love to set tons of goals for myself, which ultimately results in me feeling disappointed and guilty in the end.

So, bit-sized pieces. Small, baby steps. Slow and steady. We'll get there eventually.

In no particular order, here we go. Or I go. Hopefully.

1. Learn how to brew coffee

Recently, I attended the Singapore Coffee Festival and that kinda opened my eyes to the vast variety of coffee beans, brewing methods and so much more. Fun fact, did you know that the so called coffee bean is actually a seed from the coffee fruit? Ok, I digress. But I wanted to learn more so I borrowed some books from the library and watched a ton of YouTube videos. I even bought a French Press from Ikea to dip my toes into brewing my own coffee. Hopefully I can get better at it and maybe even get myself an aeropress (since that's been all the rage lately!). But, small and baby steps first.

2. Start investing

Man, I started reading up on investing recently (this blog is one of my favourites as she breaks it down simply) and it boggles my mind to no end. There are so many possible options and I couldn't help but feel overwhelmed. But I do realise that this is necessary, considering inflation and my money just sitting in my regular savings account is not going to do me any good when I get older. Thus, main goal by the end of the month is also to settle some small steps into investing.

3. Focus on my graduating students  

I can't believe that the Primary School Leaving Examination is in a few weeks and my kids are going for it so soon! It boggles my mind how it has already been a year since I started teaching them. It is tiring and to have over 50 of them, it is awfully stressful too. My goal is to really give it my all these remaining few weeks and push myself and them in hopes of them doing their best in the exam. Of course, the grades aren't everything but for these little ones, I would think it means a lot to them and I really hope they achieve their goals!

4. Go back to strength training

Let me first start off by saying that...I am weak. I thought I was being all healthy and fit by going to the gym and swimming 4 times a week. Then, one day I decided to do an arms and back work out for beginners on YouTube, and let me tell you, me crying and hunching over in a child's post for majority of the 25 minutes is an understatement. It's embarrassing. I then realised, that swimming and the casual elliptical sessions are not sufficient and I have to work on my neglected muscles as well. Thus, I am going to use the weights machine more often in the gym and do more YouTube videos (read : mostly beginner videos) to let my body feel the burnnnn.

5. Clear my makeup collection

Overwhelmed. That's a good word to describe how I feel sometimes. Don't get me wrong. I do love all of them and it still baffles me how I actually managed to reach this stage of accumulation. I am very fortunate to get sent many products and thanks to my lack of self control in the last few years, my makeup collection has grown tremendously for me. I do realise that despite having so much and even though I love to shop my stash, I generally find myself going for the same old items which are tried and tested and that I love. This makes me realise that all the other items I have are a nice-to-have, rather than a must-have. I will get by without them. Thus, a goal this month and probably for the next few would be to slowly down size, either by selling them on carousell or giving them away to family and friends. If you're in Singapore and you know of a great charity where I can donate these items, please do let me know!

This year has been passing so quickly and even though part of me wishes that time will pass slower, but we all know that is wishful thinking. So, instead of moping around due to lost time, I might as well embrace it and always keep looking forward!

Hopefully your September (or the remaining days of it) will be great!

Till then,


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