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By Sarah - Monday, October 30, 2017

I have and am generally really low maintenance when it comes to my hair. I do not like to fuss about it much as my hair will usually be in a ponytail or a bun when I am at work. I'll also let you into a little secret... I do not brush my hair. I am really lucky and grateful to have straight and relatively frizz-free locks so owning a brush was never a priority. I also generally hate washing my hair, but don't worry, that I do with motivation provided by some hair products which smell absolutely lovely.

However, I did bleach some stands to get a highlighted look and I definitely can see the damage done. My hair (especially the ends) are dry and pretty frayed. Thus, I started to look for hair oils and creams to add some moisture to the locks and help restore my hair to its former glory, if that's possible.

Loreal extraordinary botanical hair oil treatment and PHS hairscience hydration cream review

L'Oreal Extraordinary Oil Botanical Hair Oil Treatment*

I am no stranger to the L'Oreal Extraordinary Hair Oil as I've been using it since my study exchange to Europe almost 5 years back. It was winter back then, and my hair was the state of a dried up mop, so I had to invest in some oils to make it manageable. The Extraordinary hair oil is a good one and it does its job in moisturising the hair. However, recently L'Oreal released their Botanical Range which contains a blend of French Lavender Oil and Sweet Orange Rind. It smells so darn good. I am a huge fan of citrus and lavender and when I first saw this, I immediately slathered it all over my hair. This Botanical Hair Oil Treatment is said to moisturise, repair, reduce split-ends, strengthen, revitalise, nourish while providing heat protection and reducing hair breakage. Yes, the claims are lengthy and even though I can't attest to them all, I can say that after using this, my hair ends look less frayed and they are less dry for sure. The scent is also a huge boost for me personally so I am definitely digging this hair oil so far. This retails for SGD 26.90.

PHS Hairscience Hydration Cream*

I mentioned this Hydration Cream from PHS Hairscience before (read bout it here) and I still do like it. A little goes a long way so the jar is lasting me for a good amount of time. Whenever I am wanting a boost of moisture to my hair, I like to apply a little of this cream and focusing it on the ends. I usually do this before heading to work on dry hair as this cream does not leave a tacky feeling after. I dab some in between my palms, rub them together and just smooth it through the ends. Then, I am out the door.

Plastic Spiral Hair Ties / Coiled Scrunchies

I have been using regular hair ties for the longest time (24 years to be exact) and it wasn't till my latest trip to Europe when my travel buddy persuaded me to try these plastic hair scrunchies or coiled hair ties out. I got a bunch for 1.50 Euros from Primark to try and let me just say, my whole world has changed! I am late to the bandwagon I know, but I am so glad that I tried these out. I reach for these way more often than my regular ones as it does not leave the dreaded dent to the hair after removal. As I mentioned earlier, my hair is usually in a ponytail or a bun during the day and when I remove the hair tie after work, there is a noticeable dent which ain't cute. After using these, my hair really does not have the dents and I can head for events or dates right after without looking like a granny (not saying a ponytail or bun entails you to look like one, but I sure do). I also find that these makes my ponytail look more full, and I think its because of the way the hair is gripped. These are also said to reduce the tension of the hair and is less damaging when you pull them out. I know that Sephora sells these (named Invisibobble) but these can be found almost every now for a much cheaper price tag.

The Face Shop Beyond Professional Defense Shampoo and Conditioner Review

The Face Shop Beyond Professional Defense Shampoo and Conditioner*

So as mentioned, washing my hair can be a dread but having nicely scented hair care products definitely motivates me to put my head under the shower. This Beyond Professional Defense Shampoo and Conditioner duo from Beyond smells so fruity and its scent really perks me up. This duo contains cranberries, blueberries juniper berries (imagine the scent!) and sophora root extract to provide antioxidant effects. The shampoo is said to help eliminate sebum and impurities on the pores which aid in healthy hair growth whereas the conditioner further compliments it by making the hair silky smooth. I do like the combination of both and I have to say my hair smells pretty lovely throughout the day. These retail for SGD 39.90 each for 450ml.

Dry shampoo hack using baby powder and brown eyeshadow or cocoa powder

Dry Shampoo using Baby powder + Matte Brown Eyeshadow

Even nicely scented shampoo can't get me to wash my hair sometimes as I am just a ball of laziness some nights after work. After dragging my body home, the last thing I want to do is work out my arms to wash my hair and then blow dry it after. I have thick hair so trust me, this can be considered a work out! Thus, I do not. *I see you cringing* 

If I can argue my case, I do spend a lot of time in my office which is fully air-conditioned... so it ain't that bad right? Right. But some days, my roots are looking pretty nasty and my hair is flat from the build up the previous night. So one day, I ran out of dry shampoo so I decided to use google some hacks. Turns out, baby powder does the job nicely to freshen up the roots and give some volume to the hair. It works really well except for the fact that its so white and thus, if not blended in properly, it can look ashy and just plain odd. Thus, I decided to add in some brown eyeshadow (black eyeshadow can work too) which I wasn't planning to use anyway and lemme say, this works so great! It really does absorb any excess oil and it gives me some oomph to the roots. You can substitute brown eyeshadow with cocoa powder too, but I prefer mine to be unscented. I just mix mine up in a jar and pour some onto my palms when I need to be looking fresh. The shade of mine currently can go darker for sure as my roots are close to black, but you get the idea

Dry shampoo hack using baby powder and brown eyeshadow or cocoa powder

I rarely talk about hair products here as I didn't really use much in the past. It is only in the recent times that I do see the need to take care of my hair. I've been on the hunt for more hair oils, so if you have any good recommendations, please do share them with me! 

Affordable hair products recommendations and cheap dry shampoo hack

What are your current favourite hair products? 

Till then,

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