Review // L'Oreal Paris True Match Powder Foundation

By Sarah - Wednesday, October 04, 2017

 L'Oreal Paris True Match Powder Foundation Review

These past few months have been pretty intense when it comes to work and other commitments and I found myself sacrificing or cutting back on some of my usual routines. Can you believe that I have not watched an episode of any show ever since The Walking Dead season 7 finished? That was in April! But I digress. My main point was, in order for me to save time and effort (as I found myself growing a tad lazier), I also simplified my makeup routine.

This might be a phase, but I have been reaching for powder foundations way more as it just makes life so much easier. I've mentioned in a few posts earlier how I've been trying out different powdered base products as I do find that it is more efficient in the mornings. No joke, my liquid foundations drawer has been seriously neglected. However, I do find that makeup routines, especially for that of the base, varies occasionally depending on preference, climate and environment.

This brings me to today's topic, the L'Oreal Paris True Match Powder Foundation. I am no stranger to the True Match line of items as I have tried and approved their True Match Liquid and Cushion Foundations (read my review on the cushion here). I also do enjoy their True Match Concealer (here).

 L'Oreal Paris True Match Powder Foundation Review Singapore

Review of the True Match Powder Foundation

This newly upgraded True Match Powder Foundation (SPF 32 PA+++) claims to provide a flawless natural look to the skin as the the ultra-fine powder technology enables a smooth and even application, while providing the option of building up coverage as needed without getting cakey. It contains oil-control minerals that helps provide an all day shine-free matte finish, making it a good choice for those with oily or combination skin as it is very effective in shine-control. Additionally, it claims to utilise opti-match technology to help skin tone matching for a more natural look too.

 Loreal Paris True Match Powder Foundation Review Singapore

Reading the claims, I have to say this powder foundation does resonate with me. Singapore's hot and humid climate is truly a bane of all makeup wearing consumers. It is frustrating how sweat and sebum production can ruin the efforts that we painstakingly put in in the mornings! Being of an oily skin type, powder base products generally do not last as long as I would like it to. The image above proves my point exactly. Especially when it comes to just using powder foundation, I do notice that I tend to get oilier more quickly throughout the day. However, I do find that powder foundations do not separate as obvious as liquid, so that is a plus point. If this can help keep my oils at bay, I would definitely be pleased. Blendability (Did I just make up a a new word!) with powder foundations can also be an issue, as if not buffed into the skin properly, it can look heavy and patchy on the skin.

 L'oreal Paris True Match Powder Foundation Review Singapore

Coming along with the powder foundation compact is the innovative double-face puff which enables the sponge to be used in 2 different ways. One side has a velvety texture (flocked side) that enables easy pick up and deposition of product in a even way onto the skin as it contains thousands of micro fur. This helps to provide full coverage application. The other side has a bouncy sponge surface that deposits the product to help set the makeup previously applied. So, the velvety side should be used for normal application whereas the bouncy side should be utilised to help set makeup if you used liquid foundation before. This just adds more coverage to your base and helps to prolong the wear. Apparently, this double sided puff is inspired by luxury brands, think Tom Ford for example, so it is pretty cool that L'Oreal Paris introduced this to the drugstore makeup world.

 Loreal Paris True Match Powder Foundation Review Singapore

I do like how the True Match Powder Foundation worked on me. I used the shade N4 Nude Beige and it is a pretty good match to my neck and chest area (NC 30 for reference). It definitely helped to mattify my skin and if I look up close, my pores around my nose and cheek area seem to be less obvious as well. My redness is pretty much covered but my acne scars do still peek through after a layer, but I have no issue with that as they peek through with almost every base product I use (unless I go the extra mile of concealing them with a high coverage concealer before hand but ain't nobody got time for that currently). I would say the coverage is medium with a layer and can be built to medium-full with another. I generally do not go all the way as powder foundations can look heavier on my skin if I build up to three or more. A tip to help reduce the cakiness is to spray the face with a setting spray after, to help all the powder products that are laying on the skin to blend more seamlessly. Lasting power was decent on me, and I only noticed splotchiness around my nose and cheeks after 6 hours or so. I did get oily throughout the day, but nothing over the top where I had to blot.

 Loreal True Match Powder Foundation Swatches Singapore

Overall, this is a powder that is ultra fine in texture, buildable to a medium-full coverage and provides a smooth and matte finish to the skin. There are 6 shades available.

Of course, depending on the type of finish and coverage you would like, you can also opt for or a mixture of a liquid foundation, powder foundation and a cushion foundation. 

The True Match Family - Liquid Foundation & Cushion

Depending on your preference and needs, you can either opt for a liquid foundation or a cushion one.
Liquid foundations generally provide more coverage and have a longer lasting powder as compared to a cushion foundation. However, in retrospect, I do find that cushion foundations are great for really quick makeup days or for on-the-go touch ups.

 L'Oreal True Match Powder and Liquid Foundation and Cushion Review Singapore

The True Match Liquid Foundation is said to provide up to 24H hydration to the skin, ultra-blendable, high coverage and a flawless finish to the skin. It also claims to have precision technology to precisely match Asian skin undertone. Generally, this is a great go-to liquid foundation as it is pretty lightweight while still providing a decent amount of coverage for day to day wear.

Generally, if I know that I have an event at night and my makeup still has to look good then, I do tend to go in with a liquid foundation before and set it with a powder foundation instead of a regular translucent setting powder that does not provide any additional coverage. This not only adds more coverage, it can also prolong the wear of your base. Especially since the True Match Foundation has a hydrating formula (as it is meant for those with dry or normal skin types), I noticed that it does not last as long as other foundations that are matte and meant for oily skin. Thus, to combat that, I can use the True Match Powder Foundation to set it, and with its oil-control minerals, my sebum production has less of a chance to disrupt my flawless base. Scroll down to see the comparison!

This step can also help to make your foundation match your neck and chest better, assuming you use the right shade. Ever since I got tanned in Europe, many of my liquid foundations are slightly lighter than my neck so I either opted completely for the right shade of a powder foundation or use that to set the liquid base and darken the shade a little.

 Loreal True Match Liquid Foundation swatches Singapore

Alternatively, there is the True Match Cushion.

This cushion contains a long-wearing liquid foundation formula that combines high coverage, 24H lasting hydration and a silky matte finish. Its formulation features an ultra-fine matte hybrid powder which helps to absorb excess sebum throughout the day and is said to be lightweight on the skin while providing a poreless matte finish for up to 14 hours.

In my opinion, this can be used on days you want a natural light coverage (I used the True Match Cushion Foundation daily when I was in Europe as it was quick, convenient and travel-friendly and I liked the matte finish that it provided me) or for on-the-go touch ups.

 Loreal True Match Cushion foundation swatches Singapore

Thus, the choice is up to you. Makeup routines, despite its name, need not be stagnant nor inflexible, so use whatever base product you want to achieve whatever look you are going for. I do find myself alternating between the powder and cushion foundations more recently, as these options are just quicker and more fuss-free in my opinion.

The L'Oreal Paris True Match range does provide a good range of options and you can mix and match, depending on your needs and preferences. The image below is a good example; left side is just the True Match Liquid Foundation whereas the right, I set the foundation with the True Match Powder Foundation for added coverage and longevity.

 L'Oreal True Match Powder and Liquid Foundation and Cushion Review Singapore

Skin is usually the main focus of any look and it can be difficult to get it right some times. Hopefully, this post helps a little!

What are your thoughts on the L'Oreal Paris True Match range?
Till then,

**This post is a paid advertorial by L'Oreal Paris Singapore. It does contain information from the brand itself and I am compensated by the brand.


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