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By Sarah - Friday, October 13, 2017

Gaston Luga Classy Black Backpack review, Spa Ceylon Natural Coconut Butter Lavender review

I feel like I always share about makeup and skincare, so I thought I would venture out of my comfort zone today and share my current lifestyle favourites instead. I do not post much about non-beauty things and I know this is a beauty blog but there other things besides those we put on our face, no?

As commitments piled up over the past few months, I've been trying really hard to implement better habits in my life and making the best use of my time and effort. I know that life can get really hectic sometimes, but sometimes, I can't stress how important it is to take a step back and have a break. These items made my life easier, less painful to deal with or have inspired me and given me the motivation to get back to the daily grind.

Waitrose Camomile, Limeflower and Lavender Infusion and IKEA Milk Frother review

Virgin Coconut Natural Butter from Spa Ceylon*

Not going to lie, there were nights when I felt a little jittery. It could be that I had something important the next day or I was just anxious about the little parts of life. This Ylang and Lavender Coconut Butter from Spa Ceylon really does aid in soothing my nerves. This is made from certified organic Virgin coconut from Ceylon. It is supposed to deeply hydrate, soften, protect and care for lips, skin, elbows, feet and hair. The best part is that it is blended with aromatic essential oils! I love the lavender and ylang one and I like to rub some on my wrists, temples, and under my nose. I especially love to do this before I meditate, as the scent lingers and I can smell it while focusing on my breath. These are more handy than essential oils as there isn't any worry about spillage or leaking. Just simply dip your finger into the pot (if you're more hygienic, then by all means use a spatula) and rub the product onto pulse areas. This takes less than a minute but I really do enjoy it and it works for me personally. The coconut oil also moisturises the skin, so it's like killing two birds with one stone! This retails for SGD 13.90 and comes in 4 different scents. You can also get the whole set of 4 for SGD 40.90.

Ikea Milk Frother

I know, seriously Sarah, a milk frother? OH YES. I have been brewing my own coffee recently and there is just something about frothing your own milk and making your own latte at home in the mornings. This was super affordable (SGD 2.90) and it froths the milk up in no time. I usually put a little milk in the microwave for a minute and then I dive it with this to give it the milky-frothy-bubbly goodness. Having my cup of coffee in the mornings does help in waking me up and making me feel ready to take on the day. I highly recommend it if you want a little something extra to your daily morning coffee! You can see it on Ikea's website here.

Waitrose LoveLife Camomile, Limeflower & Lavender Infusion

Camomile tea is also an absolute love and I saw this randomly when I was perusing the tea aisle in Cold Storage. Of course, I had to get it. It just sounds too good! I am really enjoying this and I can taste the slight citric taste from the lemon and orange peel in it. The lime flowers and lavender not so much. Regardless, this has a little somethin' extra than the regular camomile teas and I quite enjoy it. A cup of this a night before settling down for bed does aid in my sleep quality as it is extremely soothing. I'm already done with this box and am planning to get more soon. I am sure that this was less than SGD 4. I can't find it on the Cold Storage site, but you can check it out on Waitrose's main website here.

How to be a Bawse (Lilly Singh)

If you are in need of a motivation book but the self-enrichment section just seems too heavy, this is a lovely book to pick up. Whether you like her or not, there is not denying that Lilly has come so far and she is truly an inspiration and a reminder to go after whatever dreams we have. She incorporates much wisdom about life with her signature humour and I really enjoyed reading this book every night before bed. This helped me to settle down from the flurry of activities in the day while prepping myself mentally for tomorrow.

Gaston Luga Classy Black Backpack review

Gaston Luga Backpack in Clässy Black*

I actually have not carried a backpack in 12 years. Yes, I was always the girl with the shoulder bag. But sometimes, with my laptop and a thick stack of children's worksheets to carry around, a shoulder bag is truly not the best idea. I even had a few bags that broke on me! I was actually searching for a decent backpack online when Gaston Luga contacted me to try out their bags. This was perfect timing and after checking out their site, I did like the design of the Classy. Fast forward about 6 weeks now, and I have to say this Classy Black Backpack has been with me almost everyday.

Gaston Luga Classy Black Backpack review sweden

This Gaston Luga backpack has a inner 13" laptop compartment that fits my Mac Book Pro perfectly. It is 25cm x 37cm x 11cm so it does fit a good amount of items! I can usually fit my laptop, my student's worksheets, wallet, water bottle, my pencil case and my makeup pouch. This bag is made from strong and durable canvas so I have no worries about it not being able to handle the weight. I also really like the they have a passport pocket at the back as this does make it safer for travel but I like to use it to put my phone instead. Regardless, this bag makes it much easier for me to lug around all my necessary items daily without straining my shoulders or back. I love how stylish it looks too! It has four little metallic feet at the base, giving it a sleeker look in my opinion. One main thing that had deterred me from using backpacks in years past was their design. I would say that I am usually decked out in pretty formal wear and the thought of carrying a regular backpack just did not appeal to me. This Classy design (no pun intended...or not) matches my regular outfits well and I have no issues carrying this everywhere I go.

If you are interested in a women's backpack recommendation, you can check out this bag on Gaston Luga's website here. The Clässy backpack retails for SGD 269. There is free DHL shipping and a deduction of 20% as tax rebate (from non-EU country). Additionally, you can use the code Beautybyrah to get 15% off the whole site (this is a non-affiliated code). P.s. They are also currently having a promotion where you get a free leather address tag with every order.

Miniso dotted notebook journal Bullet Journal tips

Bullet Journalling

I've seen bullet journal posts and videos floating around the web over the past year and I always thought it was a pretty cool idea. I never actually sat down and planned to start one until one day I was browsing Miniso, a Japanese lifestyle shop, when I saw that they had dotted notebooks for SGD 4.90. My eyes widened and a brainwave hit me. This is the time, I thought and I bought one. I am so glad that I did.

I have to admit, I had no idea how and where to begin. The videos and posts about them always seemed so artistic, and I wasn't too sure of my capabilities to make mine look as pretty. But I tried anyway. I like how the dotted pages give me more freedom to draw and organise the page to suit my needs. I always felt restricted when it came to lined notepads and I get stressed about not keeping to the lines. Even though my drawings and doodles were not the prettiest, I enjoyed the time I took to do them. When I focused on drawing the lines, designing the page or doodling, my mind just focuses on that and all the worries and naggy thoughts kind of fade into the background. It feels almost therapeutic. The key system also really helps in organising my tasks and to-dos, making me more efficient throughout the day. So far, I am really loving this and I do plan to keep doing it. If you're interested, you can read more about bullet journalling here. There isn't a perfect layout or way to bullet journal, so just trial and error, mix and match till you have what you personally need.

Gaston Luga Classy Backpack in Black and Spa Ceylon Coconut Natural Butter Lavender Review

There we have it. A little bits and bobs that I have been loving recently. Hope your October is going great so far.

Did you see anything here that interest you? Also, if you have any bullet journal tips, please do share them with me! 

Till then,

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