October Favourites // Ofra, Garnier, L'Oreal, Essence & Dose of Colors

By Sarah - Monday, November 06, 2017

Garnier Micellar Makeup Remover Wipes and loreal youthcode ferment eye essence review

Gaah November is here and I am officially moving over to mid 20s. Part of me is screaming that I am not ready and that I need more time to learn how to adult. But of course, time waits for no man and I have to adjust my stance and figure out my path. November wasn't off to a great start as I fell sick at the beginning of the month and was feeling sluggish for a few days. Regardless, October went lovely for me and I can't believe we are about 7 weeks to Christmas and 8 to 2018. Fingers crossed for November as I welcome new challenges and new opportunities!

Anyway, moving onto what I've been loving this past month. I purchased some new makeup goodies and dug in the moment they arrived at my doorstep.

Essence I love extreme crazy volume mascara and ofra beverly hills highlighter review

Essence I love Extreme Crazy Volume Mascara

I have been a fan of Essence Mascara for years and I love how affordable they are. I've been trying them one by one and this month it was time to try the I love Extreme Crazy Volume Mascara. Essence does have  a few variations in this range but this is the one in a pink tube. I love the plastic wand. This wand really grabs and coats every strand of my lashes really well. There is a spikey ball at the tip of the applicator which makes it easy to get into those tough to reach inner and outer corners, as well as the lower lash line. Like its name suggests, I do think that this mascara does a lovely job of adding volume and definition to my lashes without making them overly clumpy. It does not add too much length but as a day to day mascara, this does a great job. I have not had any issues of this smudging or flaking on me yet either! I got this for SGD 4.90 off Guardian. They usually have 20% off sales so you can snatch this up then if you're interested!

Essence I love extreme crazy volume mascara review

Ofra Beverly Hills Highlighter

I was perusing Tangs at Vivo City recently when I realised that Coma makeup had their own little set up there. I've heard so much about Ofra Cosmetics and their highlighters so I was really glad to get one then and there. I swatched them and goodness, these are so buttery and soft. The pigmentation? Insane. Oh my. I got mine in the shade Beverly Hills which is a combination of 5 shades. Depending on the day, I sometimes like to focus my brush into just one shade (the pewter-ish shade is so beautiful!) or I just swirl all the shades all together and the end product is truly stunning too. This is definitely a in-your-face highlighter that is extremely shimmery. There aren't large chunks of glitter and it goes onto the skin like butter. I just can't get enough. I got mine for SGD 37 from Coma Makeup.

Dose of Colors The Girls Eyeshadow Palette Review and swatch

Dose of Colors The Girls Eyeshadow Palette

I was pretty good on my eyeshadow buying ban until this came back in stock. Desi and Katy are some of my favourite beauty YouTubers to watch and when they came together to create this collection, I was seriously tempted (something that I haven't felt in a while since youtube collaborations were popping up ever so often). The Girls Eyeshadow Palette features 4 all over the lid shades and these are beautiful. My favourite shade has to be Harpoon. Such a gorgeous green and gold! I like the concept of a palette just for lid poppin' shades as it makes it much easier to make a choice sometimes. However, for beginners in makeup, this may not be the best to start off with as there are no mattes nor colour combinations to guide you. 

Garner Micellar Makeup Removing Towelettes and Loreal ferment eye essence review

Garnier Micellar Makeup Removing Towelettes*

These days I've been feeling sluggish and makeup removal becomes even more a chore than usual. I have been reaching for the Garnier Micellar Wipes to do the job for me recently. These work great in removing my makeup quickly in one quick simple step. These wipes are moist (not too big a fan of that word) enough to remove my entire face worth of makeup without me having to tug repeatedly on the skin. There are 2 variants - Blue for getting rid of waterproof makeup and Pink for light wear. I generally prefer the blue one as I do put on quite a bit of makeup daily. Side note, did you know that Garnier is named the World's number 1 micellar water brand? Glad to know that these now come in wipes for on-the-go or for a quick fuss-free option. These retail for less than SGD 15 each. 

L'Oreal Youthcode Ferment Eye Essence*

I am all about eye creams and eye serums, no thanks to my undereye lines which creates unsightly creasing of concealer on a daily basis. Yes, concealer will crease no matter what but I am in search for something that can aid in the appearance of them pesky fine lines. This is especially so since I am turning older by the day and the eye contour is often to the first to show signs of aging due to the thin layer of skin. Recently, I got sent the L'Oreal Youthcode Ferment Eye Essence and decided to try it right away. This ferment eye essence is said to boost skin renewal and strengthen the skin's natural barrier. It aims to smooth, firm, hydrate, de-puff and add luminosity to the eye contour areas. The applicator is nifty, coming with three stainless steel massage beads which cools the area slightly too reduce puffiness and allows for a mini massage to help smooth out fine lines. I do like it, and massaging the undereye in small circular motions with the applicator is oddly relaxing. I usually use this alone without any eye cream and my undereyes are sufficiently hydrated (I know as I judge by the performance of the concealer after application). Overall, I am pleased with this and will keep on using it till it's finished. I am even considering repurchasing it! This goes for SGD 38.90 which is decent for an anti-aging eye care product in my opinion.

What I know for sure by Oprah Winfrey book review

What I Know For Sure by Oprah Winfrey

Of course, a book! I've been reading this before bed recently as it has easily digested content with pockets of wisdom from none other than Oprah herself. She is such an inspirational figure and just tapping into her experiences and hearing her advice motivates me to become a better person. I like how the book is structured into sections about joy, resilience, connection, gratitude (my favourite chapter!), possibility, awe, clarity and power. If you typically sneer at self-enrichment (like my best friend constantly does), this book could be a good starting point. It has a nice blend of advice, wisdom, wit and just Oprah sharing about her life. A great and digestible read before bedtime, if you ask me!

October Favourites

I also decided to edit less of my images so that the products are truer to real life. I did not expose it as much as usual, and the shadows along the edges do get on my nerves slightly. Please do tell me what you think in the comments section below! I would greatly appreciate it!

Hope your October went well too!

What were some of your October favourites? Share with me! 

Till then,

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