My Makeup Haul from Australia // Models Own, Chi Chi, Chanel, Mecca Max & More

By Sarah - Saturday, April 07, 2018

Affordable Makeup Haul from Perth Australia

I’ve just arrived back to Singapore from my week’s trip to Perth! It was a lovely and much needed break and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. What a beautiful and peaceful place and it was great to catch up with my friend again (Hi, Sharmain!)

Makeup in Australia's prices were pretty much similar to that of Singapore, and I was slightly disappointed as in my mind, I somehow expected prices closer to that of USA (not sure why!). Despite similar prices, they do have pretty good sales and I managed to snatch a few of these items at a deal! If you read my previous posts, you could tell that my focus has slowly shifted from dramatic, bolder makeup with a focus on the eyes to a more natural and simple one with a focus on complexion. It could be age. Or a phase. Who knows?

chanel soleil tan de chanel review

Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel 

First, let’s talk about something bougie and something that I didn’t think I would ever buy. But of course, I did and it is the Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel. This is my first ever luxury makeup item and my goodness, purchasing it alone made me feel fancier and classier. The perks of being an adult, I say. The packaging is minimalistic Chanel - black glossy cover with a clear plastic jar that contains the cream bronzer. I’m pretty sure it was Jaclyn Hill who hyped this up and I’ve always been lusting over it since. It is also a bit difficult to get your hands on as it isn’t usually displayed at their makeup counters. I had to ask the sales lady and low and behold, there was one in the secret drawers below! 

This feels extremely creamy to the touch and it just melts on to the skin. It is a warm toned brown but it doesn’t border on orange. I only have used this once so far as it took me a while before I could dip into this glorious bronzy goodness. Pigmentation isn’t too intense and once blended into the skin (either with a dense kabuki brush or a makeup sponge), it gives an extremely natural kiss of sun to the skin. I’m two shades darker now, around NC 30-35 I would say, and this still shows up on my skin. I have been thoroughly enjoying it so far!

Chanel soleil tan de chanel vs models own sculpt and glow bronzer swatches

Models Own Sculpt & Glow Creme to Powder Bronzer

Before I bought that Chanel cream bronzer, I did get this as it is said to be a dupe for it. Of course, I did not expect myself to get both and yes, my lack of self control can sometimes be appalling. I was pretty excited to get this as well as I have not tried any makeup items from Models Own before. Regardless, this seems like a decent cream to powder bronzer and I can compare both for you too! This requires some warming up with my finger before I could get a decent swatch. When used with a  dense synthetic fibre brush, this takes a while for it to show on the skin. This may be a good thing especially if you tend to heavy handed as this provides the ability to build the intensity up. There were 2 shades available and I got mine in 05 Golden Glow. This is also warm toned but much warmer than the Chanel one. The shade does lean towards the orangey side and can look a little too warm on fairer skin tones in my opinion. However, with a light hand, this also warms up the skin nicely while looking natural. In terms of it being a dupe, I would say they are pretty similar. The Chanel one does look better on my skin and lasts longer in my opinion but it also costs about three times of the Models Own (this was AUD 19.90 and I got my Chanel at duty free for AUD 56!). 

Chi Chi Opalescent Glow Unicorns & Mermaids Cream Highlighter Palette Review and Swatches

Chi Chi Opalescent Glow Unicorns & Mermaids Cream Highlighter Palette 

Just to keep riding the cream product train, I also got myself a cream highlighter palette full of stunning duochrome shades! There were a few varieties from what I saw, but this Unicorns and Mermaids definitely one caught my eye. I have to admit, I am a sucker for duochrome anything and duochrome highlighters are lovely to look at but can be a little difficult to wear. Especially if you’re going for a more natural no makeup look, a bluish green stripe down the cheekbones may not be the most appealing (trust me, I know as I've been there). When in cream form, these duochrome shades are easier to work with and much more wearable in my opinion. These feel creamy to the touch but nothing too greasy. I simply dip my damp beauty sponge in it and apply it to the tops of my cheekbones. So lovely! These give a nice sheen to the skin and since it’s duochrome, it adds a little something extra. These may not have the lasting power through the day, but you can extend the wear by applying a powder highlighter atop it.

Chi Chi Opalescent Glow Unicorns & Mermaids Cream Highlighter Palette Review and Swatches

Maybelline SuperStay Long-Lasting Full Coverage Foundation

I’ve heard great things and I wasn’t going to take the chance if it doesn’t come to Singapore. Well, I was at first then this went on sale! Who can resist? The shade range isn’t the best and most shades seemed to lean towards a pink undertone. My theory was I could warm with it with all my warm toned bronzers mentioned above and got mine in the shade 21 Nude Beige. This is medium to buildable full coverage in my opinion and despite so, it doesn’t look too heavy on the skin and the skin still looks natural. This wore wonderfully on me, with no patchiness even after 6 hours of wear. Oil control is definitely decent too imo, as my T zone did not turn overly greasy despite the hours and the heat.

Maybelline Super Stay Foundation and Covergirl Super Sizer Mascara Review

Covergirl Super Sizer Lashblast Mascara 

Ooh I love this mascara. It does what its name suggests - it super sizes the lashes by adding both volume and length. This has a unique wand where the plastic bristles are separated and defined, making it easy to brush through my lashes to coat every single one of them. This is waterproof, thus holding my curl well throughout the entire day, yet it isn’t too difficult to remove at night (as compared to some Maybelline ones which I feel can last through ANYTHING). 

Maybelline Master Fix Baking and Brightening Loose Powder

I’m always in search of products that aid in brightening the under eyes as my goodness do I need it. My dark circles have also been popping lately, even my corrector and 2 layers of concealer doesn’t really bring me fully to the land of the living. Maybelline usually has decent powders and I thought to give this a try even though I do not bake under the eyes. This is a warm toned yellow that worked well under my eyes. It’s finely milled and when used with a damp sponge, it really does brighten my undereyes quite significantly without being cakey. I am thoroughly enjoying this one lately. However, the packaging isn’t the best (the holes on the sifter are pretty big) and there will always be tons of powder flying around. When I arrived back and opened this up, about 1/4 of the tub was overflowing into the cap! To help, I attached a small bit of scotch tapes over some holes to prevent too much powder from being dispensed.

Mecca Max Sunlit Skin Bronzing Powder in Medium Review

Mecca Max Sunlit Skin Bronzing Powder 

I’ve heard Shannon from Shaaanxo talk about this before and I was tempted to try. Having stopped swimming, my face has been pretty pale lately (well, no longer after this trip) so I've been getting into bronzing more often. It’s truly amazing what a light dusting of bronzer can do to add warmth and dimension to the skin! There were 3 shades available and I got mine in the shade medium. I haven’t played with this one yet as I’m currently so tanned (for me personally) that I resemble slightly burnt toast. I have swatched it and it does feel really soft and finely milled. I have high hopes for this and I will keep you guys updated if I do like it!

I’m pleased with my haul and am glad that I managed to snag some items which are from brands that I’ve rarely explored. Sometimes with social media and all, I feel that certain products are constantly being talked about and that causes me to neglect other makeup potentials. I’ll try these out and will update via favourites or disappointing products post! 

I’m so grateful for the trip that had just happened. It was truly amazing and I was so happy! Perth had so much nature and land and it was a great respite from all the buildings and human crowds here in Singapore. Not to mention the beautiful sunsets! I’ve learnt quite a few things about the city and about myself and hopefully one day, I’ll visit again. 

Have you tried any of these makeup items before?

Till then,

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