My Makeup Bag for the Gym // Some Recommendations for Quick and Fuss-Free Makeup

By Sarah - Friday, August 03, 2018

Makeup Recommendations for Quick and Fuss-Free Makeup

Ever since I’ve been started using Guavapass, I have been heading to various studios and gyms for a good sweat sesh. Usually done before work, I would bring some beauty bits to help me look more presentable before I meet my kids. 
While I do love a good eyeshadow look with different shades and intensities, bringing a palette and brushes in my pouch doesn’t seem too appealing to me. Thus, I’ve been loving the Maybelline Le Stylo Smoky* eyeshadow crayon. This is the shade 110 Mocha Coffee which is a matte brown that works well in adding definition to the eyes. I like to blend it up all the way into the crease as well before laying down another shade (mentioned below!) and this works well as a crease shade. This crayon is a twist up and it is easy to apply and blend on the lids. It also comes with a little brush at the end to aid in blending, but I find that my fingers work faster and better. For a quick fuss free look, this  crayon comes in extremely handy. 
A Colourpop Super Shock Shadow will always be in my gym makeup pouch as they instantly add life to the eyes and are easy to apply with the fingers. I usually would rotate the shades around but my favourite shade still has to be sequin (also mentioned in my current favourites here). This works well by itself or layered with other base shades. A gorgeous pinkish copper that looks great on the lids, making it look like I put in way more effort than I actually did. 
Gym makeup and recommendations for Quick and Fuss-Free Makeup

Loreal Colour Riche Shine Lipstick* in 905 Tearose Eternite is the perfect flush to the lips (full swatches here) I quite enjoy the formulation of these lipsticks as they have a more balm-like texture to them and are sheerer than regular lipsticks, making them a breeze to just throw onto the lips in a hurry. This leaves a sheen on the lips too, making it look healthy and plump. I do wish that it was a tad more moisturising as I do get those pesky rolled up dried skin on the lips after a few hours of wear. Despite so, this is an easy throw on shade that does not require much precision or a specific makeup look (it looks great with no makeup too)!

Kiko Full Coverage Concealer has been super useful for me lately. My foundations seriously have been collecting dust lately as I really don’t wear them anymore. Thus, a good concealer is what I need and this works well under the eyes and on the skin to cover any spots and blemishes. It provides full coverage and while it may not be the most sanitary, I do like how convenient it is to apply as it is in a cake form so all I gotta do is dip my finger in and dab it onto my skin. Once warmed up, the concealer does blend easily and I have to say it was noticeably easier than some other cream concealers out there. This isn’t the most lasting concealer on the skin (and also because I don’t set it as I don’t bring a powder in my gym pouch), but touch ups are super easy to do too as this little compact comes with a mirror.

Makeup recommendations for Quick and Fuss-Free Makeup

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Eye Pencils are still my favourite pencil liners to work with thus far. They glide on so smoothly onto the skin and the pigmentation is fantastic. I usually would bring one along with me and the shade that I am enjoying recently has been Hustle. This is a dark brown shade with a pearl finish and works well to line to eyes if I am wanting some more definition that day. Due to its smooth consistency, I do find that these pencils are easy to work with as they do not set immediately and any mistakes can be cleaned up in a blink of an eye with a Q-tip. This is crucial when I am working on my wing in the gym toilet as I'm typically the kind of person who needs to be up close and personal with my mirror. 
A good mascara is crucial as it ties the look together and draws the focus to the eyes (so that the bare skin with minimal concealer is not the first thing you would notice if you see me). I ran out of my travel size of this so I'm currently bringing along the full sized Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara. I did get my lashes lifted or permed recently so mascara curlers are not necessary at the moment and my goodness, I feel like I'm addicted. This saves so much time and my eyes look much perkier even without mascara. The Better Than Sex mascara does a lovely job of adding volume and slight length to my lashes and really opens up my eyes. I really like the effect of this as my lashes look really voluminous and fluffy, without being too clumpy imo.

Kiko Full Coverage Concealer in 03 and Maybelline Le Stylo Smoky 110 Mocha Coffee Swatch

So there we have it. 6 items that are easy to use and a joy to work with. I kept it simple and did not include my skincare (which is just some travel sized moisturiser I find lying around) and makeup removal (even though I have to give a special mention to Biore makeup wipes! These remove everything is a swipe and I am still amazed at how quick it is).

Honestly, this is a pretty drastic change in lifestyle for me as previously, I was not comfortable with so minimal makeup (and also, I never ever find myself in a fitness class back then). Piles of makeup was what I was used to. As of 2018, I slowly found myself moving away from multiple products and layering makeup onto my skin, and more to natural looks and multi-purpose items. I used to disregard eyeshadow pencils (alright, I'll admit it, I was pretty much an eyeshadow snob) and lip and cheek tints. Now, I feel like my perspective has changed dramatically when it comes to makeup and I am starting to appreciate a lot more items that I would never give a second look to in the past.

Makeup for the Gym and Recommendations for Quick and Fuss-Free Makeup

Side note, if you're wondering what Guavapass is, it's basically a membership where you can attend any fitness classes from the studios under them. This has completely changed the way I view working out and my goodness, it makes exercising much more fun and less painful. I never really thought I would say this, but I actually look forward to my classes. Who am I?

What are some beauty essentials in your post gym makeup bag? 

Till then,

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