My 27 Before 27

By Sarah - Saturday, December 01, 2018

So after my 26 before 26 list that helped to push me to achieve my goals (no matter how little), I am going to make this a thing in my life and viola, here's my 27 things to do before I turn 27!

  1. Become debt free
  2. Find a charity or cause that I believe in and donate money regularly 
  3. Invest in REITS and expand my investment portfolio 
  4. Travel to 2 new places (I already have my tickets to Jakarta, Surabaya and Bali so check!)
  5. Start doing more classes on Skillshare 
  6. Wake up and leave my bed by 0800 daily 
  7. Learn conversational French (yes, it's back on this list again as I did not manage to get to this goal last year)
  8. Save up and get a new bed frame 
  9. Learn a new skill (I have so many things that I want to learn! I might do a post on that soon)
  10. Put plans in motion to start a business 
  11. Constantly back up my phone and laptop to my hard drive 
  12. Master the tree pose in yoga (as I lose my balance so easily)
  13. Get PADI certified 
  14. Make healthier food choices when cooking and eating out 
  15. Read on public transport instead of using my phone (I finally got myself a Kindle to help with this goal and the one after)
  16. Read at least 12 books 
  17. Master new dishes for meal prep
  18. Journal at least once a week to reflect on the week as well as the goal for the next
  19. Switch to more eco friendly products 
  20. Drink more milk to strengthen the bones 
  21. Actually use an expense tracker and stop relying on my mental abilities to track my expenses 
  22. Be more friendly and sociable (like I usually am on holiday! I find that I tend to be more introverted and less likely to strike up a conversation when I am back home)
  23. Clear out the room and embrace minimalistic design 
  24. Eating mindfully with no phone or book 
  25. Project 10 everything! (You can read more about that here!)
  26. Organise the kitchen and pantry 
  27. Try surfing
What are some of your goals for the upcoming year? 

Till then, 

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