My Reflection of 2018

By Sarah - Thursday, January 03, 2019

2018. What a year. I’m currently in Jakarta, lounging in a hammock and reflecting on what happened the past year. It was thoroughly fantastic and I’m so grateful for what had transpired.

2018 was definitely a year of change and growth. I currently feel a little lost, as so many parts of me that I’ve known over the past few years have slowly evolved, changing how I used to view myself as a person, my strengths, my weaknesses and my passions.

As mentioned in The Future of Beautybyrah, my relationship with makeup and beauty changed in 2018 and that used to be a huge part of who I was. I was extremely reluctant to write about the decline in passion, as I was afraid that without that, I will end up being just a clueless human being with no interests. However, with the decline in my interest in makeup came a budding interest in other things, such as yoga and boxing.

So 2018 was a whirlwind, a fun one. This post serves as a lil trip down memory lane for me and a way of helping me remember what I’ve achieved and what I could improve on. Everyone is on their own journey, and hopefully this post serves as an inspiration or just a light read.

Places I’ve been to in 2018:

New things I’ve tried:
Muay Thai

5 things I’m proud of:

1. Starting my volunteering journey with Causes For Animals. 
While the journey there is tedious as I do not drive in, I am proud of myself for still getting up early in the morning and walking 25 mins from the bus stop. Even though cleaning up poop and washing the kennels are tiring, getting time to play with the dogs make it all worth it. My favourite dog is Wiseman, a 6 year old mix breed who was found in an army camp. Seeing him and giving him belly rubs never fails to lighten up my mood.

2. Solo trip to Australia
I’ve always been scared of venturing out on my own and in 2018, I booked a two week trip to Australia to spend time with myself. I promised myself to be more sociable, and to do things that I’m afraid of. Thus, I also booked a skydiving trip (which turned out to be magnificent and I’m definitely planning to skydive elsewhere again) and diving tour at the Great Barrier Reef. I’m terrified of heights, deep water and fishes. While these fears are not completely eradicated (and they shouldn’t!), I’m proud of attempting them and enjoying them while it lasted. I proved to myself that I am stronger and braver than I thought. I also learnt to be okay alone. It felt a little strange at the beginning, knowing that no one was there with me the moment I landed in Sydney. No one to talk to, ask questions or share my experiences. But soon, I learnt to be comfortable by myself. Eating alone, going to do scary stuff alone and just being alone. In fact, as an introvert, I actually quite like it.

3. Going for fitness classes
Ok, firstly, I used to be a kid who hid behind a banister during physical education class in school as I. Hated. Exercising. I hated sweating. Running hurts my boobs. And my soul. Name a sport and I’ll give you an excuse as to why I can’t do it. This changed when I had my first ever Muay Thai class at Santhiya Resort and Spa. I know, you’re confused. Let me explain. They offer free Muay Thai and yoga classes at the resort, and while I was slightly reluctant, my sister persuaded me to give it a try which I did. And I ended up liking it. Thus, when I got back to Singapore, I was determined to continue with my streak. So I did some research and ended up signing with Guavapass to try out Muay Thai classes. Long story short, I’m currently going for about 3 boxing classes a week (instead of MT but this is more fun) and about 2 other yoga/ reformer classes per week with Classpass. I would never have imagined myself living such a lifestyle and I’m proud of myself for giving it a go and keeping up with it. Oh if only my PE teacher could see me now.

4. Waking up earlier and having a morning routine
I, once again, would never picture myself as a morning person and while I’m still not one fully, I’m pleased with how much more time I’ve gained simply by waking up earlier (and of course, going to bed earlier too). In the mornings, I love stretching (or how I like to call it, an early yoga sesh) and meditating. Just by doing these in the mornings, my life has been calmer and I feel more relaxed throughout the day. It’s really something, these morning routines, and I plan to share with you mine real soon.

5. Changing the direction for Beautybyrah
2018 was, as mentioned, a huge shift for my makeup interests. I detailed more about the journey here and while I felt the interest dwindling, I was afraid to let it show in the beginning of the year. I kept telling myself it was just a phase and I should just push through it. The posts on the IG were strained and I felt like I was posting just because I had to. I basically dragged myself to upkeep it and it wasn’t fun anymore. Then, in October and November, I decided to just stop. Pause. Regroup. And I felt no guilt or shame in it. That was when I knew that I was ready to let the old Beautybyrah go and rebrand to something that I have love and interest in.

Thus, 2018 was a year of growth and change. I can’t wait for 2019 and all the adventures it is going to bring. So thank you to the universe and let’s see what awaits!

Till then,

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