Welcome to Beautybyrah!

With what started as a beauty blog which was heavily featuring makeup and skincare, Beautybyrah has slowly evolved to a blog that features posts on beauty, travel, and various aspects of life. I have chosen to share more about my journey in life as well as my travel experiences with you, in addition to the usual reviews, tutorials and swatch posts. 

This blog is still dedicated to reviewing both drugstore and high-end makeup and beauty products as well as providing makeup inspiration and ideas through pictorials and swatches. With no limitations, I am constantly putting a myriad of products and services to the test and sharing with you my honest opinions and thoughts. To help jostle you out of a makeup rut, take a look through the collection of swatches, my step by step pictorials or my makeup tips and tricks to give you some inspiration. 

For references to reviews, I have an oily skin type with uneven skin texture and acne scars.  

Based in Singapore, I am an English Teacher by day and a keyboard warrior here at night. This blog was established in 2014 as a creative outlet to share my passion and addiction of anything makeup and beauty. Now in 2018, I feel like I've definitely evolved as a person, with changing passions and interests, and I would like the content featured here to reflect that as well. 

Let's all revel in and be inspired by the beauty of life together!  

I believe that makeup is not a mask, but a form of self expression. This wonderful world of colours and illusions amazed me and was what drew me to makeup in the first place. I am all for affordable makeup - it is the skill and application that matters, in my humble opinion!

My general hobbies outside playing with beauty products include drinking coffee, reading, boxing, doing some yoga to stretch out my limbs as well as travelling the world.

I also believe that a community is a very important aspect of blogging. If you have any recommendations or suggestions, feel free to hit me up on my socials or email!


Beautybyrah was created on : 5th February 2014. 


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