Life Improvement Inspiration // Round Up 2

It’s about time for another life improvement article roundup, where I share with you some of my favourite articles, blog posts, podcasts and videos with you. If you missed my previous round up, you can find it here. I do

Current Beauty Favourites // Stridex, theSAEM, Vichy & More

It’s definitely about time that I shared with you guys some of my beauty favourites. I’ve been trying out quite a few new skincare products and I do like quite a few. Also, this month is full of past favourites

Goal Setting // 5-4-3-2-1 Method

Recently, I stumbled onto a different kind of goal setting and I am all about it. Even though it might seem a little cliché, goal setting is so crucial in helping us achieve our goals and dreams. Sometimes, reflecting on

Latest Product Empties // RE:ERTH,Vichy,Althea & More

It this been a while since I posted about my product empties! I generally do not overload on my skincare and I do believe that a little goes a long way for a lot of things. Thus, it takes me

A Mini Guide to The World of Makeup Brushes

Hands up if you’ve been overwhelmed looking at the myriad of makeup brushes out there. There are so many kinds of various shapes and sizes, it’s no wonder that many beginners get intimidated.   Are makeup brushes really necessary?  

Lessons Learnt from Reading The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy

Ever since I started reading self enrichment books in late 2015, habits and daily routines were always mentioned as the key to leading your ideal life. It makes total sense, as what we do daily accumulates over time and our