My Plans for Staying Home (& Some Ideas on What You Can Do At Home)

Hi everyone! I hope you’re well, especially in times like this.   I live in Singapore, and we started our circuit breaker phase yesterday; this meant staying at home and not heading out unless it’s for essentials. It may just

10 Makeup Tips for Makeup Beginners

When I first started out playing with makeup, it was really trial and error. I watched YouTube videos and played around with my products, figuring out what worked for me and what didn’t. Now, after many years of experience, these

My Current Productive Morning Routine (+ How To Create Your Own)

Mornings are a joy, are they not? They are a fresh start, a new beginning and a reminder that you’re still alive. Even though there are some mornings when I struggle to get out of my comfy bed, I generally

5 Common Makeup Problems & How To Prevent Them

While makeup is really fun and a way of self expression, you gotta admit that it can let us down sometimes. Mascara running, foundation slipping and mishaps that could happen, ruining the entire look we so painstaking create.   Personally,

10 Self Care Activities I Do To Love Myself

There’s no other timely reminder to love ourselves than Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re with someone or not, self love and self care is something that we shouldn’t skimp on. We’re going to be with ourselves our entire lives, yet we

My Current Everyday Makeup Routine

It has been a while since I’ve posted on my makeup routine, mainly because it’s really minimal these days. However, I decided to write this to show you what my tried and true makeup products really are. You would have