A Mini Guide to The World of Makeup Brushes

Hands up if you’ve been overwhelmed looking at the myriad of makeup brushes out there. There are so many kinds of various shapes and sizes, it’s no wonder that many beginners get intimidated.   Are makeup brushes really necessary?  

Lessons Learnt from Reading The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy

Ever since I started reading self enrichment books in late 2015, habits and daily routines were always mentioned as the key to leading your ideal life. It makes total sense, as what we do daily accumulates over time and our

Nurse Jamie Beauty Bear Memory Foam Pillow Review

I think we all know how important sleep is. It is crucial for our bodies to recharge, detox and get ready for another day.   Did you also know that when you have good quality sleep, your neurons shrink by

Santhiya Resort Koh Yao Yai // A Hideaway In Phuket

If you would like a short getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life, Phuket Thailand is a wonderful place to visit. Only about 2 hours flight from Singapore, Phuket is a good mix of nature and modern life.

Round Up // Favourites For Life Improvement 

As time seems to be slipping through our fingers sometimes, it may be difficult to squeeze in some time that is dedicated to learning new things and personal development. I’m all for life improvement and I love reading more about

Skin Inc Optimizer Voyage Trilight ++ Review

Are you suffering from acne? Or are you interested in a little mini facial device for use at home? If you read my previous post on some skincare favourites, you would have seen me mention the Skin Inc Optimizer Voyage