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By Sarah - Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Hey guys, for my first post I decided to just basically talk about my obsession and what makeup means to me.

Small peek into my stash!

Firstly, how in the world did I enter this vortex of makeup and beauty obsession anyway? It started maybe 2 years back when I developed like SERIOUS acne on my face due to this new toner that I have started trying out. I mean, this was nasty. Nasty stuff. All red and bumpy. Just EKKK. So I had to use something to cover it right, I mean, ain't nobody stepping out looking like that. Thus, started using BB creams as a base and this, ladies and gentlemen, was my very first beginning into the wonders of the makeup world.

Now, I live in Singapore. It is HOT. Hot Hot Hot. And you will get people saying things like you know, why put on so much makeup when it's all gonna melt off, why hide behind a full face of makeup blah blah blah. This is why I see many people on the streets wearing minimal, if not no makeup at all. Hey, personal preference! But yeah, I started out exactly like that, wearing just a base, concealer and eyeliner, walking around like I got that when really it's just the opposite. No brows. BB creams that did not match my skint tone. Concealer that was wayyyyyy too light for me (reverse panda oh dear lord). I can't even.

And things changed dramatically when I started watching youtube videos regarding makeup tutorials. I mean like whoaaaa the difference makeup can do! I even remember my first subscription, which was to emanmakeup on youtube. AMAZING. So i watched and watched. Trying (and i mean TRYING) to apply the various techniques on myself but it was difficult. Like what was this crease everyone was talking about?? I don't see no crease. Applying eyeshadows just make me look punched in the eye if you know what i mean. Makeup then seem like a whole other universe that only attractive people (and those with creases) can enter to make themselves more beautiful. Yeah I was scared. But very intrigued. And curious. And envious.

Things changed when I lived in Europe for a few months. Firstly, it aint so hot, so my makeup isn't gonna slide off the moment I put it on and secondly, I don't know, it's EUROPE. I mean, people there are just prettier looking! (In my opinion, don't wanna offend any people out there). So i started experimenting and leaving the house with looks I will not dare to attempt in Singapore. Soon, I just started to really wrap my head around the magical and wonderful world of makeup. You don't need a crease to put eye shadow, nor are there strict rules that you must absolutely follow! Makeup, to me, is basically an ILLUSION. What image am I creating of myself for people out there to see. Eye shadows and eye liners define the eye, contouring helps to give the illusion of a slimmer face and nose and the list goes on.

Nowwww, I love playing with make up. Makeup enables me to experiment, invent and be creative and yes, it helps me to be confident and self-assured (And there is absolutely nothing wrong about that!!!).

Now that I am back in Singapore where it is hot hot hot hot hot, maybe to some my make up can seem to be on the heavy side and some people will judge. I mean, people can have their opinions but  no one can really dictate what I wanna do. Makeup makes me happy (yes, sometimes just by looking at my eye shadows I feel a warmth inside of me) and I love collecting makeup. That is just who I am. And this is why I decided to create this blog to share my love and interest and hopefully, inspire some of you out there too!

Thanks for reading! Have a great make up day!XO.

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